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  1. I would love to see camera manufacturer fill up the ENTIRE screen area with pixel that show the picture or the menu! Even the new nikons have so much space lost with plastic or nothingness all around the "usable illuminated screen". I will never get it, and it's been for years.
  2. Here we go! Thanks Andrew for your confirmation! Maybe Luke has something like the popular Mitakon Lens Turbo II, wait and see. How do you feel about this G7+GX80 mash-up? Did you get the grip too? The handling looks great with it!
  3. Oh yes that is comforting real life test^^ Thanks @ThomHaig If others users can confirm with other speedbooster brand/adapter it could be perfect. I emailed Luke Massey to ask him about his problems with his adapter, will tell you as soon as i got an answer.
  4. The GH4 mount is protruding a little bit more on the picture you post, the G80 mount is more flat and the evf housing seems lower, argh :/ No reply is possible (problem) on the comment section under the article. I will try to mail Luke Massey, or maybe via his youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_2mvU6hq3J1bW4qEIas-Jw/videos his videos with the G80 are cool, too bad if even Metabones site says it will not fit, maybe it's too soon, idk. How is the G7/GX85 camera structure comparing with the G80? Edit : G7 vs G80
  5. I think he's talking about the exterior of the adapter hitting the exterior (evf housing) of the G80. Or maybe not, really i don't know, maybe he has a no name bigger adapter that he names "speedbooster", maybe he has a bmpcc one and he don't want to force it in a little bit. Still looking for details. If maybe an EOSHD reader with G80 + speedbooster can share their experiences.
  6. Hello guys, i just found that interesting articles : http://www.camerajabber.com/panasonic-pro-users-thoughts-lumix-g80/ with those two quotes here : "Also due to the camera shape, my Metabones adapter did not fit on the Panasonic G80." and "Due to the Metabones not fitting on to the Panasonic G80" from Luke Massey a wildlife photographer/videographer. (will send him a message too). What do you guys know about this, is it true? It's weird nobody's talked about it yet, i know there's different kind of metabones but i thought all would physically fit in maybe even the bmpcc one knowing you will disable the mechanical shutter because the rear end will push a little on the mechanical sutter slider/rail thing (it works on GH4 so..). I am about to bought a G80 during the black friday + a firmware update will soon fix the IBIS malfunction. But if our metabones won't fit, aïe aïe aïe ://
  7. G7 VS A7S2 or soon to be seen look alike test G80 VS A6500, i go for the G80 + speedbooster. Look at those colors..
  8. + audio recorder with XLR ! Pretty freakin' cool for 825e ! But yeah, does it have anamorphic desqueeze, LUT reader, false color, zebras and can it run Crysis or boot on Resolve 12 ?
  9. If you already own a NX1 but struggle to review the footage in the field maybe you will upgrade your laptop (ram and SSD) or change it. One can get awesome second hand laptops for 1000e, more with PCs. Andrew made a terrific post recently with NX1 + anamorphic and he said that it's a camera he really enjoy playing with : << The NX1 has that Canon ‘electricity’ to the images with very vivid colour straight off the bat, as long as you keep it at ISO 800 and below. ISO 1600 and 3200 are workable but it’s not the sweet spot. The battery life is superb as are the ergonomics and the rolling shutter is less than an A6300. Plus, it doesn’t overheat when shooting 4K and the quality of the 1080/120fps is a tad sharper too. I can see myself using this camera for a long time. If only it was compatible with the Metabones Speed Booster. >> yes you can't push the grade as far as with a BMCC but do you really need to grade that much, knowing that the RAW DNGs from BMCC come with the price of big chucks of Gigs to store and double store for safety. What about h.265 4K storage? + in 1080p the rolling shutter is really well managed (http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?303559-Measuring-rolling-shutter-put-a-number-on-this-issue!) that's a plus with action scenes. and that app is known to handle well h.265 footage : https://mpv.io/ for post prod, h.265 footage can be hardware accelerated with GTX960 GPUs and now Premiere CC 2015 and Resolve 12.3 read h.265 natively. i just hope that maybe one day NX1 hackers can bring the choice of a different codec or higher bandwidth footage from that little Corean beast. Like it was said before, sound and lighting can make a big difference too And don't forget to feed the crew^^
  10. Great shots here!! Moire and aliasing seems really low with your lenses, but i've found a lot of it in those two tests videos, and it's the same kind of aliasing-moire artefacts that we've got from the bmpcc : /watch?v=JNOJDg-5Jhc - vimeo.com/160548364 I'm really not sure that you can avoid it with "over" sharp lenses like the Sigma 18-35, and worse if it's speed boosted :/
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