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  1. Yes touch on the phone to pick focus point. Yes refresh is just like on camera screen.
  2. I have an NX1 without swingout screen and a FZ1000 and love the swingout screen on the Panasonic. Just figured out a solution and would like to share. Pair your smartphone with your camera and use a hotshoe on top of the camera and you can swivel now at will. https://www.amazon.com/RetiCAM-Smartphone-Mounting-Kit-Conversion/dp/B00NEDCCNS/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1489971893&sr=8-16&keywords=phone+hotshoe+mount
  3. Might want to drop your prices. Example, the 16-50S f2.0-2.8 is 899 new in US.
  4. KarimNassar Wow. What camera setup did you use here? Also how do you compare the NX1 to the D800? I was very close to picking up a D800 but went Samsung.
  5. Ricardo, other settings? AF Mode, Luminance Level, DIS?
  6. Looking for a good quality but affordable Speedlight and trigger, anyone have any suggestions for my NX1?
  7. kevindba

    New NX1 Owner

    Hi guys, just wanted to stop in and say this looks like a great community and just upgraded from a FZ1000 to a NX1. Just bought a bunch of lenses and using some of my old Nikon lenses as well. Here is a macro shot with a Nikon lens on the NX1 which I wasn't sure how was going to turn out with the all Nikon macro and lens setup on the NX1.
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