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  1. You could start by not labelling everyone and listening to people from the "other" side. Otherwise, you will only be producing content that "your" side will find interesting. You want to make this election about race, electoral college, etc...if it helps you "feel the burn" less, so be it. As someone who claims they like to deal in "facts" then you should closely look at the below: 42% of ALL women voted for Trump 4% more white COLLEGE-EDUCATED male and femal voters went for Trump 37% of ALL millenials voted for Trump 53% of ALL seniors over 65 voted for Trump 26% of ALL hispanic voters went for Trump 29% of ALL asian americans went for Trump Another fact: In the 2008 election, I voted third party. I remember being called racist back then because I did not vote for a black president. Today, I am racist for voting for a white man. The mainstream media lost this election for Clinton. As an independent, I heard NO policy reporting at all. I heard only that Clinton was a criminal and Trump was a racist. Would I watch media that reports policy positions? Sure. To your point...where can I find it? This is possibly your least true statement...this election showed that we, as a nation, are closer to 50/50 than we have ever been. Clinton winning the popular vote by less than 1/2 of 1% over Trump shows this. Some documentary ideas from this election: Why did 7,000,000 people vote 3rd party? Why did the blue and red platforms not reach out to them? What were their deciding issues? What happened to the "blue wall" we kept hearing about? Perhaps people in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, could shed some light on this? What really drove white voters to the polls in record numbers? Was it race, being tired of the liberal agenda being pushed onto them, etc? (By the way, how DARE white voters go to the polls and participate in democracy!) Is this the start of the Republican party now representing blue collar voters voters? Why did Trump get so many votes from Labor union voters? What ideas can we advance that people agree on regardless of party affiliation?
  2. @ricardo_sousa11 Looks nuce, Ricardo! Excited to get this LUT pack whrn you are finished with it... What lenses did you use to shoot this? Looks great!
  3. Really? Now the way I search for information needs some refinement too? Sounds like you have a monmental task of getting your perfectly honest and authentic content through to people. I like how you have pegged me as "alt-right" without even knowing me. Registered independent, btw...and have voted democrat before. Even wrote in my father once for president. I would totally believe this to be true as well. I'm bowing out of this conversation as I don't want to continue to be attacked by you on personal level (lack of understanding, really)...I hope the pain you are feeling heals and maybe this will even spur you to make great content that I will see one day.
  4. Do a quick search on twitter? It may surprise you that there is quite a bit of hate coming from the "tolerant" lefties of the nation: I learn so much about films and making them from you guys. For that I am grateful. However, I know what art is and I have been moved by many a film or song. I do not understand the emotions of women, but, I know my emotions. The entirety of my "alt-right career" in making movies consists of ZERO films? I make movies of my family to watch when they grow up... Perhaps you have me pegged like the media has pegged anyone that disagrees with them. I have no agenda and wish you no ill will. I'm sorry this post angered you...
  5. Well said...we may even find out we were never really "two halves" to begin with...more like "four quarters"
  6. @Damphousse I actually do have two little girls that I devote my free time to spending time with and making family movies. I would never let Trump NEAR them, even if he claims he is different at 70 than at 54. But, of course, if that was my only voting criteria, it would have also eliminated Bill (I can have any woman I want) Clinton being around them either We can agree here that neither is a picture of morality? Although, in spite of Bill's "free time with the ladies" while he was in office, some would say he managed the country well. Mabye Trump can as well. We agree on this completely. But, not on this. It seemed like this year, more than ever, the mainstream media's goal was to showcase how bad/vile/hateful/arrogant/ignorant the candidates were...almost in a celebratory sense. A hateful tweet should not be the headline for the evening news. Thanks Ed. I will seek these out and watch these When the media becomes a tool / vehicle for governments to manipulate the people, we are in trouble... I would have felt much less hesitation voting for at least 3 of these guys
  7. @Liam Thanks for the kind words (also, about the videos). You are right, in a normal year, whoever lost would mope a bit and life would go on. Trump would do well to reach out to those he offended and has scared...clarify how he will govern (not what he will say for shock value to make the headlines on the news and get free publicity). The post-election attacks and hate crimes should be condemened by all, especially Trump. It's also wrong that we are seeing calls for assassinations on Trump / his family. Hate is still hate and should be called out as such. No matter how someone voted, they are my American brother / sister...I just wish I could do more to be part of the solution. I reject the "us good/them bad" slant of the mainstream media and look forward to something like @Ed_David is proposing.
  8. @Kisaha You nailed it...the vote I cast was for the lesser of the perceived evils. Had John Edwards run again (1 known affair to Bill's 20), he would have had my vote Or, anyone who believes in state's rights...which allows local laws to reflect the will of the local people... The mainstream media pits groups against each other and is creating a hostile enviroment. The only soundbytes that make it through are the negative or offensive ones. Most discouraging, as a Trump voter, the mainstream media has identified me as likely racist and uneducated. It is this very "them bad/us good" reporting that drove voters to the polls in rural areas. There is room at the table for everyone...different ideas, opinions, beliefs...it's the only way we form a better union and grow as a country. I know in his past life TRUMP was a democrat, then independent and now Republican. How he will be as president is unknown, but, he can be shown the door by voters if he sucks @Ed_David Nothing moves people more than true, geniuine content presented in a way that provokes thought and action. I wish I had you guys abilities to tell stories and film them so beautifully.
  9. @Ed_David I will keep in mind this is a film forum By the way, thank you for your Samung NX1 short...helped me determine it would be a good camera for what I do (film my family)... This election cycle, the media gave us TRUMP (the "monster you see") versus CLINTON (the "hidden/corrupt" monster). I voted against Clinton, for Trump. Bernie may have won, taping into some of the very same "forgotten" middle class anger that Clinton ignored. But what do I know...I voted for Ron Paul and John Edwards once This election cycle, the amount of negativity pushed at you was overwhelming. No coverage of policies or anything of substance. Regardless of political view, I feel Americans were short-changed on meaningful content... Even now, the media is more worried about how their pundits missed "calling" the election right than reporting anything real. People on the losing side were bound to be hurt, angry and scared...either way. Even still, mainstream media is doing nothing to bring healing to the land... Your call to making informed content, not based on ratings, is exactly what is needed (how, where to distrubute is another thing altogether)... I know I'm rambling...just wanted you to know as someone who voted the other way...I share your hatred of the mainstream media and what they fed us for ratings...
  10. Some recent footage...framegrabs...
  11. @Antonis Nice looking footage! It's great to see all the looks that people can put together from the NX1 footage. Is anyone using a diffusion filter out there? Do you see good results from it? @ricardo_sousa11 Can't wait to get your latest settings. Anything that can lessen the banding is a good thing.
  12. @Kisaha Ha! You are right...it won't be long before they are running the place...Thanks for the highest of compliments!
  13. I agree with @Parker, Ricardo those are beautiful frames... Can't wait to see your in camera settings for these. Also, @ricardo_sousa11, count me in on any LUTs you want to sell to match your in camera settings. Nice work! Here is my latest kid-friendly movie...Same settings as last time...but, used the M31 LUT.
  14. @ricardo_sousa11 Was scrolling through the old pages making sure I didn't miss anything on the in camera settings...Well somehow, I missed this pic below... Are you kidding me? What a great look out of the NX1. Would you mind detailing your in camera settings for this shot and any LUT / coloring combinations you might have used. I have to shoot closer to this...
  15. Got to shoot some outdoor footage over the weekend: Gamma DR, Color Red/Blue @ 1.0 and Green @ .95, Saturation -1, Sharpness -10, Contrast -3, Master Black 10, Luminance 16-235
  16. @Sten Nice, Blue and Pumpkin! Do you upload HEVC files to Vimeo? Can you try transcoding the HEVC file in RMMC with the teal-orange LUT n°8700 applied? https://j.mp/freeluts Here is the LUT 8700 applied to the same footage...
  17. Hello Sten, I actually run the files through EditReady and convert the to ProRes LT 422 files. I usually just keep them in 4K and then run it through Final Cut Pro to put together the footage and apply the LUTs. Is the method you suggest the method that you use?
  18. Finally got a chance to take the camera out and about over the weekend. Here is our latest movie from a visit to the Pumpkin Patch. Same in camera settings as last time: Gamma DR, Color Red/Blue @ 1.0 and Green @ .95, Saturation -1, Sharpness -10, Contrast -3, Master Black 10, Luminance 16-235
  19. @Marco Tecno Gamma DR, Color Red/Blue @ 1.0 and Green @ .95, Saturation -1, Sharpness -10, Contrast -3, Master Black 10, Luminance 16-235
  20. Finalized my latest video...went with the SEDONA LUT on most of them...
  21. Switched from using Gamma DR to Gamma C. Here is a screenshot from some footage I'm working on now. Gamma C, -1 Saturation, -10 Sharpness, -3 Contrast, +10 MB level. Graded with IWLTDAP Seona LUT @ 45%. Used 15% Gorilla Grain, Fine.
  22. Maybe I was wrong...I do like the look of this though
  23. So, in the forums, people have noted that the sensor in the NX1 haves a similar look to the RED cameras. Has any NX1 owners tried to maximize this effect so that the footage looks closer? Regardless of how you "got" the look (camera settings, specific LUTs, coloring techniques)... If so, please share.
  24. Here is the most recent video I shot: Shot mostly with the Rokinnon 35mm 1.4 lens. Still using @ricardo_sousa11 video settings. Tried some additional things this time, like sharpening and film grain.
  25. So, can you use the SmartRange+ on with the other manual settings still the same? Or would you then need to make changes to the MB level, etc?
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