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  1. Ah - I get it. Agreed, it would be cool if it was the other way around!
  2. I don't have my camera on me right now but you can easily do this. Set focus to SAF (not CAF) in the menu, touch focus to touch (not tracking) and then program the AF button (off hand I am not sure which setting, something with hold, try them out). In video mode, when I press it, it switches to MAF and I see the peaking. It also shows you on the display a button with "MAF on" (but not in the evf). Press it again and you are back to auto focus. This works with and without the hack... Very handy, let the camera pull focus and lock it with the AF button, whether you are rolling or not.
  3. Hi kidzrevil This is one of the best looking NX1 footage I have see so far...! I want to emulate your look and hope you don't mind a few questions: lenses: I see you shot handheld with manual focus lenses - 28mm? Do you use DIS? What about rolling shutter issues in 4K? camera settings: which profile do you use? landscape or custom? How do you set sharpness, contrast, etc.? Do you use 16-235? How about the black level? What DR settings? post: What software do you use to convert the H265? I love the idea of using 16mm grain in film convert. What stock did you select? What camera profile? Sorry, it was more than a "few" questions! Thanks for answering!
  4. I have a feature request: Can you somehow disable that error message about high volumes may damage your hearing? When I have a headphone plugged in it shows up every time I hit a button (i.e. switch from manual to autofocus). It's driving me bonkers...!
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