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  1. oh - and another thing. I would like smoother (slower ?) transitions between iso shifts when using auto iso. As things are now iso shifts are not very smooth and somewhat distracting. I hope that Andrew (and others) with the right connections at Samsung, will pass this blog post on. Thanks.
  2. Ok let me chime in. This is what I would like to see in the updates to come. 1) I think banding is an issue. When pushed a little in post, banding shows its ugly face. I stopped shooting too flat so I don't have to push contrast so much in post. 2) Jello is an issue. Perhaps a 2k mode could help. 3) Moire and aliasing often visible. Especially when 4K is downscaled to HD 4) The recorded sound is really bad due to the auto gain. We need to be able to turn auto gain off. This is important. As for now the sound is hardly usable. 5) I would like to be able to stay in video standby mode at all times. 6) When playing back a clip, the camera "forgets" your latest settings (goes back to the saved settings). This is annoying. Besides these issues I really love this camera
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