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  1. when using this camera I typically use the grid lines for 2.35:1 aspect ratio crop. Problem is the lines are really thin and dont stand out as much as I'd like. Is it possible make the grid lines actually do the full black bar overlay while recording and keep the overlay on during playback?
  2. Its better tho shoot at UHD or 4K and deliver in 1080p than shoot in 1080p when you can for quality reasons. ISO performance is better. Colors are slightly better. Image is more detailed.
  3. there will never be a demand for NX lenses to be adapted to other systems. there wasn't even enough demand for the camera for Samsung to continue making the NX1. also the NX lenses are made for crop sensor cameras. there is no expanded field of view to achieve.
  4. Can we get some chart tests with this focal reducer? Sharpness across all parts of the frame need to be accounted for. Also what about lens coating? Does this flare in direct light? Can you try it with wider and longer lenses. I know the Metabones lenses have their focal length limits in particular with the Sony e mount adapters.
  5. What profile are you using now in filmconvert?
  6. So has everyone stopped shooting with GammaDR?
  7. I get that but is a higher bitrate the only answer for eliminating macroblocking? Pardon my ignorance on this. Could something along the lines of creating a real log profile for the camera be more beneficial to the overall image quality?
  8. I thought it was said that 160 was the max for HEVC
  9. what's wrong with the quality of the bitrate hack?
  10. could the be an adverse effect to turning off the sharpening. Like why would the not make 0 an absolute 0?
  11. could the following be used on the NX1? From here: http://x265.readthedocs.org/en/default/cli.html --nr-intra <integer>, --nr-inter <integer> Noise reduction - an adaptive deadzone applied after DCT (subtracting from DCT coefficients), before quantization. It does no pixel-level filtering, doesn’t cross DCT block boundaries, has no overlap, The higher the strength value parameter, the more aggressively it will reduce noise. Enabling noise reduction will make outputs diverge between different numbers of frame threads. Outputs will be deterministic but the outputs of -F2 will no longer match the outputs of -F3, etc. Values: any value in range of 0 to 2000. Default 0 (disabled).
  12. There's an option in the menu turn NR off for photos. Wouldn't that be a starting point to figure out how to do it for video?
  13. I didn't mean overclocking. I just meant getting 100fps at 160 bitrate instead of scaling back for 120fps. Seems like fair compromise to maintain the highest quality.
  14. Since 120fps doesn't play nice with the bitrate hack has anyone tried PAL 100fps? I feel like that should work without issue since the hack brings the 120fps recordings down to 106fps.
  15. How so? You can use Nikon AI glass and get sharp images.
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