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  1. It uses the same 24mpgx sensor. even the predecessor Nex 5r (i have one) and 5t hasdphase detect focus pull of the touch screen.
  2. I agree 100% so many awesome lenses ! the cameras are good enough that we can focus on the lens and its rendering only i would have never guessed. Have you tried 24mm 2.8 FD ? my personal favorite,leave it on 2.8 come close about one meter and let the magic happen !
  3. Awesome Andrew ! looking forward to footage. looks promising. I need to try out the new m43 cameras to see for myself. however there still one thing I remember from using the old Olympus E 420 (4/3 DSLR, smallest DSLR at that time) and that was over blown highlights when strong light source was pointed into the camera over when exposed on something in the shadow the highlights would blown out bigger portion of the pic. see the picture for reference and don't get me wrong pls I understand exposing etc.
  4. Whahahahahaha :D we did some good work in here today
  5. hahahahahahahahaha oh shit sherlock i always wondered why they try to sell me how to bigger my junk only on my friend's phone btw is there a way limit the content of commercials on your site ? meaning i don't want any baby food commercial on my site no matter what your/visitor's search history is ?
  6. I'm just not interested in doing that... I think it's a pathetic attention seeking ploy why ? I disagree. A nice and well made footage sometimes speaks more than a 500 page book, and the videos that you made with the articles were great, always had a bit of a soul.
  7. I agree, but have the feeling Andrew wants to keep it advertisement free so that no one can connect it with biased opinion? what about advertisement for non related stuff ? or just an option to buy stuff via links to retailers as you suggest ?
  8. I don't, I only imagined that one needs to do something for a living and since we can only guess how much time it consumes I figured you might got busy with other stuff. Great ! Looking forward to it. That is bad. What got me motivated last time was when I saw sony fs 700R (with 4k enabled) for 2500 euros (excluding the external recorder for raw) on ebay. that is crazy.
  9. Yes sadly it is, nevertheless it is the reason why (at least me personally, but I believe many others) come here and been going here for past years. Moreover that was what separated this blog from many others. that and the consequent growth with the forum and eoshd guides. To say that Eoshd has no place is shortsighted, the community and you as the author have significant voice in the industry where , at least panasonic and sony have been listening. However it is true that it might be harder to monetize and exploit it, but then again if previously mentioned Mr. Northrup can do it so can Eoshd. Maybe rich adds for a growth of a certain manly part could do the job :D . Or sing dire straits "money for nothing and chicks for free" ? You must know by the traffic how many readers each article attracts. I personally would be happy for comments on the published videos you create, just something, hell even a movie review. exciting times. No please no. We never came here for that, not bunch of gorillas that need to have manuals read. Some people do enjoy those reviews but once they learn a bit more they realize they dont need anymore sponsored reviews, lets educate them into something bigger something more, just like apple educates their customers. True for the joe public, not for us. I always came here first (then vimeo intense search) to see relevant footage, and even these days one struggle to find actual good footage of cameras now older than my first smartphone. I remember having chills down my spine watching the A7s vs 5d mark iii wishing for the sony to be better. In the end , IT IS STILL quality over quantity. Maybe we should begin thinking of paying in some way for the quality. Much of what i said might be subjective just from my point of view but i am confident i am not alone. Wish you good luck.
  10. Hi Eoshd forum community and Mr. Reid I remember days when there were new articles at least two times a week. What happened ? I miss those days. Mr. Reid please continue, I am confident there are many who are eagerly waiting for anything you publish. Don't get demotivated by trolls and jerks, they just need to do something with their free time and jealousy. Don't leave us hanging. Thanks
  11. why was it so bad for you ? It's a comic book movie, i expected humor, action and a bit entertaining plot (not very complicated). What I got for nice story, pleasant natural jokes, great action scenes that were done realistically. I was happy it was fun .
  12. Hi guys, wanted to share the news (from the CA,Civil War movie) about the high demand for ARRI alexa 65 (the one used in Revenant). Happy to be alive for the new upcoming movies recorded with this beast : Rodrigo Prieto, for Passengers; Greig Fraser, for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; and Tom Stern, for Sully. "To meet demand, ARRI is additionally building 40 more Alexa 65 cameras for its rental facilities worldwide, which will more than double its current inventory of 30, ARRI exec Dana Ross told The Hollywood Reporter." Source : http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/captain-america-civil-war-how-891448
  13. it has been proven many times that colors are matter to a subjective view, (http://web.mit.edu/abyrne/www/ColorRealism.html) there are many other articles and scientific studies. thus it's just a perspective. you can make it pleasant to some but others will find it disgusting. i share your opinion about canon color, to much saturation, too much contrast that is really an insightful comment you made here. wow. thank you
  14. . Yes and in my opinion that's horrible. the a7rii have more options for recording, less rolling shutter in FF mode, who cares if the ful lreadout is crop? you can use more lenses and use the speedbooster, are they even aware of the speedboosters ? it is dissapointing that a7s is not better in video. At this point, after seeing all the test shots, I am disappointed and have to absolutely agree that a7s ii was rushed, and not needed. It is simply a rip of for the guys who bought atomos. Moreover this camera doesn't offer anything more from the a7rii but a bit better lowlight (really in all the tests i ve seen, unless you want to shoot in moonlight, which you still can with the a7s mark i) and the 120fps in 1080p which is still not that stellar. i am dissapointed, rebranded sensor for 2899USD with a major sunspot issue ? WTF SONY ?! they should have waited, bring out a mature product , and separate it from a7rii with video completely like 10bit, (i dont care if the current processors do not support it, change them) so that we dont need to hesitate between those two. oh god sony why ?!
  15. 5dii inferior sensor, ML raw send you with card way more than 800euros, OVF, huge body, AF not at all stellar. no way i would go for that. A7 all the way if were talking pictures, d750 if video
  16. The color is not a physical property of any object, it is only subjective to our mind. What we are used to. There is zero science to your claims that Canon has "better" colors, there is no "better" color. A certain color you might find pleasing, is disgusting to others. Just as stated here: On the other there are also articles saying the opposite, like this one : http://web.mit.edu/abyrne/www/ColorRealism.html, but as they say it works only to a certain degree. However it is important to note the difficulty of creating a nice look with the sony's S Log compared to baked colors of Canon straight out of camera. Personally, I don't care if canon has almighty color, if those grandpas cannot give me simple stuff like focus peeking or articulated screen (what is the almighty color shot to me if it is not in focus and my back is crying in pain) to more sophisticated stuff such as slow mo, better DR, better sensor etc. etc. etc. If only we could combine best of both worlds
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