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Hi, All, 
Over the years, I have collected many anamorphic projection lenses for my own video projects and experiment. But I have always been puzzled by adapting anamorphic projection lens to my taking lenses, even though I tried every type of adapter that I can buy, but I am still not fully satisfied. So I developed the Rapido Anamorphic Lens Adapter. Please check it out at www.rapidotechnology.com
Basically, the adapter offers: 
1. a better concentric alignment
2. a more stable connection
3. a repeatable alignment: use the marker on the side of the inner ring for quick alignment 
4. a reusable and more flexible solution: for different anamorphic lenses, just find the customized step-down ring, and connect to your existing Rapido Anamorphic Adapter, and you are done. No need different, some time hard to find adapter, for each of your anamorphic lens
5. a simple and easy online instruction with illustrations, to show you how to adapt each anamorphic lens at: www.rapidotechnology.com
Even though I tried to include all the anamorphic lens that I can find, but I know there are still some are left out, please let me know if you have some anamorphic lens you like to adapt, I typically finish design/manufacturing in 2-3 weeks. 
Hope you will like it. Thanks, 

Jim Chang



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