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  1. Na, it don't I'd own it if it did Quite a bit of moire, and the S II is cleaner yet Wonderful camera, and a valiant effort by Nikon in video. But side by side its 1080p is worse in every mode, every frame rate
  2. If you had said 4K, it would be a more difficult proposition. But for 1080p, and I am biased, I think the S II because it has almost no moire, is basically lossless in each shooting mode and frame rate, 1x, 1.5x, 2.2x, 24/30/60/120, respectively, and it's stabilized to boot. Say that about another hybrid. You can't.
  3. I don't know if I agree with all of this, because the II's (for me, the S II) are pretty rad hybrids. The colors on my S II seem easy to correct, natural even, if you get WB even close to right. They are truer later into the evenings, which is useful if you are a natural light shooter. Personally, I almost never shoot SLOG profiles to save time... I get why you all want the DR, but not every scene needs it - if you expose properly, few scenes do. Yea, I notice the ergonomic shortcomings, in ways, but honestly, when you are running a four or five stop advantage in video modes, artifact-free, lossless (up scaled, still stunningly clean) digital zoom inside of 1.5x, 120fps with sound.... off-handed with a 200g autofocusing Zeiss lens... And a FF look and lattitude to the image... I remember the first time I took the S II camera out, shot about an hour into the Seattle night, and it was amazing to see how accurate and sensitive the camera was to all the signage and color profiles inside of ISO 50k. The thing couldn't miss - focus, colors, metering - it was incredible to see the difference from my X-T1 and G7. I'm not a colorist, but attempting to account for multiple sources and reflections with a camera like this might be tough in SLOG - not in default modes tho. I like the Sony's OOB look slightly warmed and desaturated. Anyways, I use it as a serious hobby tool, and my other half and I like the image from it through and through. Do I wish the S II or R II sensor sat inside of an NX1 or D750 software and hardware architecture? Abso-freaking-lutey. I repurchased an NX1 just for daytime and well lit shooting because I liked it so much. But let's be real. After 5pm, I bring the S II. When a replacement hybrid from any company comes close, I'll buy it. But there's nothing like it on the radar.
  4. Out of curiosity, does it have lossless digital crop or zoom since it's full sensor output (are you certain it's not skipping lines)? How is aliasing on a tougher pattern? They were so bad on the X-T1... What about CAF during recording?
  5. Very helpful video. How many stops are you managing in bright sunlight to shoot wide open with the f2.8's?
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