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  1. How is Samsung NX1 vs. the 1DX II now? The only obvious advantage Canon has is the 4K 60fps but it will cost a fortune to shoot that format due the price of the Cfast card. Anything else Canon can offer already exists on NX1. Will the 4K IQ much better on the Canon?
  2. HI Andrew, If I want to record 4k externally on NX1 which is the best product to try? Thanks. John
  3. Some the feedback I saw for the A7RII is the 4K video IQ is not that great, even worse than the NX1. Will A7SII produce better 4K IQ than A7RII?
  4. Andrew, thanks for for the reply and comments. I just love the clean and beautiful 4k images produced by the Samaung NX1 so I may keep it especially after reading your message. I want to see more 4k footages shot with the Sony A7R II to decide if I want to switch.
  5. How do you compare Sony a7rII 4k image quality with Samsung NX1 4K IQ? As Sony uses FF sensor so it should have much better video IQ and low light performance than Samsung's APS-C sensor, right? If it is true I plan to switch to Sony. Thanks, John
  6. Thanks Andrew! I did try your workflow and apply the built in REC 709 LUT in FCPX to the EditReady converted clip (with your NX1 log) but the exposure is way washed out after I applied any of the built in LUTs. Of course I can adjust the exposure in the Color Correction panel later. My workflow: 1.I convert the original H265 file to ProRes LT in iFFmpeg (as I don't have the purchased version of EditReady) 2.I use Lututility to apply your GammaDR2LOG LUT first to the original NX1 video clip (with your video setting in the guide) then stack another LUT (Sony Slog2 to Rec 709) on the top I just wonder if it is the same as your workflow in the guide. Also please tell me where can I find or purchase the EOSHD Canon 1DC LUT you used in the introduction video. Thanks! John
  7. Hi Andrew, I purchased your guide and found it useful. But you heavily described the post workflow for Adobe Premier and I am a FCPX user. So could you explain how to apply the NX1 flat log and following 3D Luts of my choice to the video clip in FCPX? Also I would like to know how to get the EOSHD Canon 1DC LUT you used in the introduction video? In your lens choice you didn't mention any Samsung S zoom lenses. why? Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely,
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