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  1. I do not even dare to ask why the designers of the FS5 have included a gain / ISO switch in their plans... I remember the times I was shooting ENG material on this extremely robust Canon XF305 that was REALLY not intended for low light shooting. I bought it back in 2010, and it had a gain switch. If you'd switch the camera to +12 dB of gain you would see noise. Mainly noise. It didn't have any macro-blocking-squaredance party to put some relief on the codec in order to break the image whatsoever. It also didn't have much banding. It was using a codec very similar to the C300, 50 mbps for 25p o
  2. It's ISO 3200 in SLog, All other Gammas have different base ISO values (between 650 and 1000).
  3. Very nice, was the FS5 one shot in SLog? Really wondering why there is so much more detail than in the 1DC shot...
  4. Rolling shutter is also nowhere nearly as bad as on the A7SII. It's a different sensor. It's a different product.
  5. It won't happen at ISO3200 in SLog because that's the base ISO of the profile. Like ISO1000 is the base ISO of Cine4. It will only happen at higher ISOs (= adding gain to base ISO). In SLog, which is Sony's approach to mimic CineEI / film stock properties, you can only apply a sensitivity boost by applying Gain.
  6. In all values above base ISO, no matter what Color mode or Picture Profile. I am very certain it has to do with the sensor readout + noise @ UHD. Did you check my Vimeo link earlier in the thread? My 4k upgraded F5 does not show this problem at similar or higher gain settings.
  7. Great thing that you will report this to Sony directly, so thank you for that. If you report to them, then please include the information that it ALSO does the edge ripping in SLog just like I stated before (you might either over-read this information or just simply ignored it). Just switch it to Gain instead of ISO and put the gain over a value of +9dB and edge tearing will start to appear. Again I'd like to point out that the edge tearing will only happen once the camera is set to a sensitivity beyond base ISO. No, it's a different sensor. The sensor inside the FS5 is practically the sam
  8. The aliasing in those Canon 5D3 shots really gets me every time. Prime reason why I sold mine and only shot very few commercial projects on it.
  9. It occurs in SLog, but, of course, not at base ISO, I already stated that earlier. If you want to get a higher sensitivity in SLog, just choose GAIN instead of ISO, boost it and see for yourself. Hopefully it can be fixed by a firmware update. See, there's a lot of different processing between the different cameras, that's why you get different ISO ratings on the F55, F5 + FS7 and FS5. A 200% crop of a UHD file on a HD timeline is basicaly 1:1 pixels, by the way. I also stated that it's noise disguised as macroblocking, not true macroblocking from the codec. It doesn't appear in any of the bas
  10. In case you wanna see them, here's a quicker waver test: https://vimeo.com/150138698 Note problem is the noise disguised as macroblocking
  11. Congratulations on your purchase! I also bought the FS5 shortly before Christmas for a really good price and I absolutely amazed by the possibilities. It bridges the gap between the really superb but artistically "crippling" S16 Canon XC10 and my larger Sony F5 (with 4K upgrade): Still lightweight enough for doc and news in a faster-paced environment and compatible with my smaller slider and crane from the 5D3-days. Color-wise the F5 / F55 and the FS5 are very similar (gamut is the biggest difference, the more you pay the more you get), and what's good enough for Netflix' Marco Polo and Big B
  12. Panasonic DMC-GH4 (EURO) Package for Sale incl. Invoice + VAT Selling my complete GH4 gear that's not even one year old (lenses & Metabones were bought in March - all scratch-free mint condition). The GH4 body was bought in June 2015 as a replacement for my former one that got smashed at a project. It was only used on one project so it's basically new. So here's the list of what's included: • Panasonic DMC-GH4 body • 4x original Panasonic DMW-BLF19PP batteries (plus 2 separate chargers) • Switronix PTC-GH4 D-Tap power adapter • Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm F2.8 zoom lens • Olympu
  13. Theoretically it should even be possible on SDXC, at least with SanDisk Extreme Pro cards...
  14. Like with the XC10, I wouldn't believe all those horror stories you hear about it on the web. If you have any specific questions, feel free to send me a PM. By the way, the FS7 also has some deficiencies in comparison to the F5 / F55, they are just not as obvious.
  15. As an owner of both the XC10 and the Sony FS5, the only thing that I can tell you is that the XC10 is way less disappointing than the Sony. Not that the FS5 is a bad camera, but the expectations were much higher...
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