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  1. If you have access to a GH4, I would love to see several shots of a subject matter in front of a window, in order to gauge the dynamic range improvements of the GH5. Ideally at an optimal lower ISO, and maybe a few higher ISO shots. Thanks!
  2. Any dynamic range tests out yet? I'd love to see a side-by-side of the GH5 and GH4. Not a chart, but actually living, breathing images. It would be nice to see a few with pushed shadows, as well, at more optimum ISO settings. I'd like to see if the quoted 2/3 stop difference is apparent.
  3. Hear, hear! I never post on here...but I've been reading Andrew's reviews for a number of years. When I'm trying to procrastinate, as I am right now, this is the first video site I go to. I was trying to remember who and what got me sold on the GH2, and it very while might have been Andrew, and the eoshd community. I then picked up a GH3, a GH4, and I'm thinking I better save up some dinero for the GH5, as the actual hands on tests that I'm seeing are showing that it's limitations are far outweighed by its numerous strengths. Don't lose hope Andrew. Stay true to the course, and don't
  4. I'll gladly purchase this GH5...in fact, they might as well call it the GH6. As much as I loved my GH2, GH3, and currently my GH4, the cropped sensor is crippling. The Super 35mm sensor is a must, and 10bit internal recording with improved DR and color science, would set this camera apart from every other DSLR. And lest we forget, internal stabilization. And while we're at it...Panasonic should incorporate more of an industrial design, with several 1/4 20 screw in points, and a more square, machined aluminum body. This puppy should be the go to b-camera for their new Varicam, as wel
  5. Any thoughts on whether the allusive V-Log will make its way to the G7 as well? With the Sony A7RII coming out soon, I would love for Panasonic to step these cameras up to the next level. It would be great to hold on to my GH4 and possibly get a G7 as a b-camera, along with the new Metabones adapter you mentioned...if Panasonic will bring V-Log to our cameras. Otherwise, Sony's in-camera stabilization, and higher dynamic range is sounding pretty tempting, not to mention a full-frame 4k sensor.
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