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  1. I would like to sell my Samsung NX1 video gear kit

    -The kit contain all of the following:

    -Samsung NX1 28 MP Wireless Smart Compact System Camera (Black)

    -Samsung NX2000 20.3MP CMOS Smart WiFi Mirrorless Digital Camera 3.7" Touch Screen LCD (white)

    -Samsung NX 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8 S Series Zoom Camera Lens with OIS (Black)

    -Samsung NX 50-150mm f/2.8 "S" Series Zoom Camera Lens with OIS (Black)

    -Samsung ED-MA9NXK Camera Lens Accessory for Nx

    -Samsung ED-MA9NXK Camera Lens Accessory for Nx

    -Samyang 8mm F2.8 UMC Fisheye II (Black) Lens for Samsung NX Mount Digital Cameras (break in plastic hood, has no effect on function )

    -B+W 49mm Filter Made in Germany

    -B+W 49mm Circular Polarizer Made in Germany

    -Macro AF Auto Focus Extension Tube 10mm 16mm Set DG for Samsung NX mount

    -Polaroid Optics 72mm UV Filter

    -STARBLITZ Filtre UV HMC 72mm

    -SMC Pentax-A 28mm F2.8

    -SMC Pentax-A 50mm F1.7

    -Skink Pinhole Pancake Classic Lens 24 mm for Samsung NX

    -Fotodiox pro FD-NX adapter

    -49mm-NX adapter

    -43mm-49mm adapter

    -49mm-43mm adapter

    -All lenses have lens cover on both ends and lens bag

    -Samsung ED-BP1900 Rechargeable Battery Pack for NX1 Camera (1860 mAh)

    -Samsung ED-BP1900 Rechargeable Battery Pack for NX1 Camera (1860 mAh)

    -ED-BC4NX03 (Battery Charger for ED-BP1900)

    -Samsung ED-VGNX01 Vertical Battery Grip for NX1 Camera

    -Yongnuo Pro LED Video Light for Camera Camcorder

    -Neewer TT660II flash

    -Duracell Battery 7.2V 7800mAh rechargeable


    -Lowepro Dryzone Rover Waterproof Backpack for DSLR

    -Lowepro Altus 120 Shoulder Bag for DSLR Kit - Black

    ITEMS PHOTOS IN THE LINK https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xuBWJvxzrwnn4AgtoUQLMrDu_gNlujWG?usp=sharing

    my email : o.abuyaman@gmail.com

    PRICE : 2,490 GBP

  2. 1 hour ago, outerbeat said:

    The actual link, installation guide and core features of mod pack for NX1 and nx500

    Download: link to package always updates, so you get last one for the time of downloading

    Thanks to Vasile, Otto and Kino Seed

    AEL: immediate hibernation
    UP: load UP profile
    DOWN: load DOWN profile
    Half-Press-Shutter: focus pull
    mobile: telnet
    EV: Main Menu  (NX500)
    OK: Main Menu (NX1)


    Main Menu
    - video birtates
    - custom functions
    - profiles
    - settings
    - hibernate
    - sleep

    Video Bitrates
    lists all set bitrates, and allows for changing them persistently
    (that means settings are kept even after camera restart)

    Custom Functions
    - focus stacking
    - focus buttons
    - batch recording (continuous recording)|
    - Kill switch (removes keyscan and gui from memory)

    save/load UP or DOWN profile
    save/load FullBackup (all camera settings)

    - Silent Shutter (nx500 only)
    - VGA to 2.5K (nx500 only)
    - No Rec Limit
    - Uninstall Mod

    How to install:
    1) start with a clean memory card (no files)
    2) unzip the contents of the zip into the root of the sdcard
    3) put card in camera, and restart
    x) to uninstall mod - from custom menu> settings> Uninstall Mod

    nice summery, why there is no silent shutter for the NX1, sounds as a nice feature


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