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  1. My point is that Canon is 3 or 4 generations behind Samsung on fabrication technique. They are not going to catch up. And to jonpais who thinks outsourcing is the way to create profits. Read this article about Samsung making more profit than Apple while being a supplier for Apple. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-is-making-samsung-rich-2017-7
  2. Think about it, Samsung has built 200 million phones and tablets. I kinda doubt Canon will ever catch up to Samsung's semiconductor manufacturing prowess. Canon used to be the 2nd largest company in terms of creating new US patents each year. Guess who they lost that spot to - Samsung. Canon, Nikon, Sony and Apple combined don't have the experience or expertise to accomplish what Samsung is doing in fabrication. In order for any of those companies to compete technologically they have to outsource their manufacturing. That means higher costs. That's why a $1500 Samsung camera very significantly outperforms a Canon $6000 camera. As I recall the NX1 used a 32nm copper circuit fabrication tech at the same time Canon's cameras were using 512nm aluminum circuits. People complained about the h265 codec because their state of the art Mac Pro towers couldn't read / display /or write h265 4k in real time while the humble Samsung NX500 could do it for $700.
  3. Something that i do a lot while shooting UHD is use touch-to-focus to select focus between two (or sometimes more) faces. This can require split-second decisions when the scene is a conversation (vs a scripted interview which I don't do as often). Samsung NX1 does this well. Panasonic DVX200 does this well. C300 mkII DOES NOT do this well. Old Canon 70D does this well but is soft HD at best. Sony FS7 - NO TOUCH SCREEN. Sony A6300 - NO TOUCH SCREEN. Sony A7R mkii - NO TOUCH SCREEN. No thanks. For people who claim to prefer buttons please remember cameras with touch screens aren't lacking buttons. They just offer additional interface for those who prefer touch screens. If the Sony cameras had touch screens I think I would sell everything else and buy-in. The G Master lenses are particularly interesting with their higher resolving capability making them somewhat future proof. I really hope Sony finally breaks down and pays to license the touch screen tech that they evidently don't own. Really hard to believe at this point in time Sony doesn't have touch screens. How many devices are there out in the world with touch screens? Billions??
  4. Fantastic and very complete review! Thanks for the work that went into that. I bought a Samsung NX1 and the 16-50mm f/2-2.8 lens to test but I am going to return it. I LOVE this camera and it breaks my heart to return it. The feature set and handling of the NX1 seems just about perfect to me Since I could not find any store in Texas with a NX1 in stock I checked the return policy of a mail order store to make sure I could return it if necessary. I've been using Canon cameras for 22 years and the transition to the controls for the NX1 took less than one day to get totally comfortable. The issue for me is the focus changes so quickly in video mode that it is jarring to watch. Continuous autofocus is pretty darn good. It only falls apart if there is significant distance between the focus points selected by touch during video shooting. The result is video that I would not give away much less be able to charge a client for. My Canon 70D does a great job creating smooth cinematic focus changes in the same situation though the video is lower quality. After using follow-focus rigs for years I will never go back to that. Touch screen combined with auto following facial recognition for video focus allows a very high percentage of good takes. And lens changes are very quick! Trans coding h.265 1080-30p to ProRes 422 takes a little longer than 1 minute for 1 minute of captured video. No big deal. 4K takes a lot longer but none of my current clients want 4k yet anyway. No doubt h.265 is the future. NX1 file sizes are LESS THAN 1/9th the size of Canon All-I and are better quality. Since I typically shoot video with multiple cameras and do a lot of work in edit I ALWAYS transcode to ProRes. Hard drive space is cheap and ProRes makes the workflow fast and reliable. I was very disappointed that the 7D Mk II didn't have a tilting touch screen. Or a higher res and better sensor. Canon is now two generations behind Samsung on sensor fabrication. There is a startling improvement in image quality between the 70D and the NX1. I really hope they can create a firmware fix for the video focus selection issue. Does anyone have experience with the Sony A7? Can it move between selected focus points smoothly and cinematically? I am interested in very high quality 2k and very high quality stills. The A7s doesn't have enough resolution in still photography for me.
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