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    ArSui Li got a reaction from agolex in 20% Off, DJI Ronin M coupon code   
    20% Off, DJI Ronin M, Ronin
    Effective Period:2015-07-21
    Times : 1
    CODE: 5HALV48D

    20% Off, DJI Ronin M, Ronin
    Effective Period:2015-07-21
    Times : 1
    CODE: 679RZHWX
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    ArSui Li reacted to Lucian in Short film shot with Iscorama 36   
    Little short shot with iscorama and GH2.
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    ArSui Li reacted to Andrew Reid in The EOSHD Music Challenge   
    I would like to give my platform to up and coming musicians around the world to showcase their music through my cinematography to an audience of around 250,000 people per month. This is the EOSHD Music Challenge.
    Readers act as DJ - they can pick music from up and coming singers and bands, with suggestions that might suit the mood of my cinematography and future camera tests.
    Cinematic music is really important to me but I haven't been satisfied with The Music Bed or similar resources so far.
    How does the challenge work?
    1. Suggest a band or musician on this thread. They have to be up and coming not signed to a major label or already huge.
    2. I investigate and do the contacting of those which I like and credit you for the find!
    3. If they agree to let me use their music, they will find a new audience through my blog and hopefully sell some tracks on iTunes from a link on EOSHD. You will be designated as the discoverer of talent and winner of the challenge.
    4. You can have fun with this challenge and play DJ - use your taste to select the right standard of music to fit EOSHD and in turn you might discover new music yourself which you really enjoy listening to.
    5. My cinematography at EOSHD is purely an artistic endeavour and experimental, non commercial and does not make any money but for all videos featuring unsigned acts I will consider enabling the Vimeo Tip Jar and sharing the proceeds with the musician 50:50!
    This is a new idea and it will start off as a trial. If it works then great! If not then we will swap things around until it does, because I am determined to find new music and up and coming artists.
    Good soundtracks are really important for filmmakers and I believe in finding new talent. Perhaps you know some artists yourself? Perhaps you are one?
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    ArSui Li got a reaction from Jonesy Jones in The Story of Luggage... or... how NOT to make a movie!   
    great work,  I waiting to see
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    ArSui Li reacted to elkanah77 in 118 pages Anamorphic review - nice reading   
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