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    Seriously.....who needs 8K? 
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    Seriously.....who needs 8K? 
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    This is the kinda topic I like. Watched something on Vimeo like your example photos recently, stunning technique when used right: http://vimeo.com/149046328

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    If one has to shoot a lot of "prismatic" imagery, it is probably easiest to use a prism camera filter.  Here is an EOSHD article that features a few of these filters.  Here are a few photos shot through prism/prism-filters.  This page names different types of prism filters and gives tips regarding depth-of-field, subject distance and sandwiching filters.
    The look of the images that the OP posted could probably be achieved with a linear prism filter -- if it weren't for the oddly placed window pane overlapping in the foreground.
    Mirrors could be used, but they are much more of an involved set-up.  Unless one wants a kaleidoscopic effect, one would probably shoot away from the subject, into adjacent/overlapping mirrors that reflect images of the subject.  To recreate something similar to the oddly-placed, overlapping window-pane image, a piece of clear glass  could be positioned at an odd angle in front of the mirrors.  By the way, front-surface mirrors will give more clarity than normal mirrors, but, of course, front-surface mirrors are rarer.
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