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  1. Thanks. Did they make the V-Log upgrade free in the end or is there a chance of buying a second hand S1 without it?
  2. With the upcoming firmware update for RAW video, is there any reason not the buy a used S1 rather than an S5? The bigger EVF, LCD, Grip and larger HDMI port all seem like big reasons to get the S1. Anything big I would miss by not getting an S5 instead?
  3. Hey people, I've just completed a no budget short sci-fi film and wondered if I could get some opinions on it visually. I shot this on the Samsung NX1 (my first project on the camera) and certainly ran up against some of its limitations, like low light performance. Anyway, I've never been particularly happy with my own colour grading, maybe its just me being too harsh on myself as I know many of us are a bit self deprecating creatively. i'd be really interested to hear any comments or criticism people may have about the project. Thanks in advance for anyone that replies. Cheers, Calum
  4. Thanks for the reply. Im mostly a Premiere editor and had been manually adjusting exposure in post to compensate for the shift already. I keep meaning to take a look into davinci myself, this might just be the excuse i need.
  5. Hi guys, I've had my NX1 for a good while now and I wanted to check to see if anyone had any picture profile advice. I've just finished shooting a 15 minute short with it over a year and have tested a lot of features during that time, including the bit rate hack. However, im still finding in the base image that blacks are a bit too crushed for my liking and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions based on my current settings. I'd like to get it a little flatter than possible as well so that I can use it more easily as a B cam for my C100, ive never expected it to be as flat as a log profile, but something a bit flatter than just now if possible would be great. Current settings (based off reading other users suggested settings): Master Black level 7 Gamma control normal Luminance level 0-255 Smart Range + ON Saturation -4 Sharpness -9 Contrast -4 Any advice would be greatly appreciated and let me know if ive missed any key settings.
  6. Appreciate the replies here guys, much appreciated. I think ill take a punt on the Redrock as im using it on a C100 as well. Will update with my results.
  7. Hey all. I've got a Nikon 80-200 2.8 (not the push pull) that sees little use as the NIKON F to EF adapter i have is too wobbly on it and cant support the weight properly. Does anyone have any recomendations for a solid adapter that doesnt wiggle? Especially under the weight of the 80-200. I've seen the REDROCK micro adapter advertised, but havent seen a great deal of info on it. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers, Calum
  8. I realise things seemed to have cooled down a bit hack wise, but having seen the work on different resolution modes on the NX500, I wondered if any of the builds for NX1 had 4:3 video?
  9. It's really difficult to tell the capability of the lens from the Rokkor files site I think, it seems to be a pretty old article and its not the best choice of test shots. Speaking of not the best test shots... Heres too very quick and dirty shots out of my NX1, one photo, one video frame. Straight out of the camera (video still was fired into premiere for titling) Shot at ISO 200 at F2 and with the camera set to -9 sharpness. I tried mainly to focus on the smaller "eye" (or is that his projector like R2-D2?) and the lines around it. Like I said, its a very quick and dirty test, done on a small Pixi tripod that wasn't quite up to the weight of the camera and lens, so take into account that these are rough results, wide open and with some minor shake. I think the lens makes a pretty good account of itself wide open. I'm heading out just now, so I cant do anymore tests tonight, but if anyones got any suggestions of what they'd like to see out of the Lens, just fire up here and I'll do my best :)/
  10. Hey people, I'm wondering if anyone has either owned this lens, come across one in the wild or has seen other posts about it. The only post anyone ever seems to link to is this: http://www.rokkorfiles.com/135mm.htm To give you guys the story of this lens: I was gifted it from a family friend, photographer Harry Benson (if you haven't come across his work, do yourself a favour and check him out, hes a living legend in the industry). It was given to me along with a number of other lenses and a number of X700 bodies with motor drives. Unfortunatley it was first gifted to an uncle who took poor care of the lenses and as such, almost all the glass in the box has lens fungus. By a stroke of luck however, this lens was in the best condition of them all. I managed to get the lens UV treated and the little fungus that the lens has collected was killed off. Other than mounting it to my NX1, as a primarily CANON user (boo hiss these days I know, but both my C100 and before that my 7D worked their arses off for me), I haven't found myself using this lens much, mainly due to the focal length. Its much more attractive now in the days of mirrorless and the lenses mount is no longer an issue. I've began to have a bit of a clear out recently and that got me searching for information on the lens and how much would be a fair asking price for it. Anyway, Im beginning to ramble, my limited use of this lens so far has proven it to be a lovely, solid piece of glass. My primary issue as I originally stated, is that it seems to be somewhat of a rarity and thats casting doubt in my mind as to what would be a fair asking price. TLDR: Anyone got this lens, seen it for sale before or have any idea what its worth? Hopefully we can bring a little bit of light to this issue and help anyone else out that may be also on a quest for truth. Feel free to fire any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer them. EDIT: Just came across this after posting: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Minolta-MD-135mm-F2-Lens-w-Caps-/321214971480?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item4ac9e77e58&clk_rvr_id=1136997507589&rmvSB=true $1000 seems to be an approximate value for a lens in excellent condition.
  11. You could try the Hoodman Hoodriser. It upgrades 3" loupes to cover 3.5" and 4" screens. I bought one along with the HCAM4 strap super cheaply on eBay (I was lucky there was auctions, they are mostly buy it now). Combined with another lucky purchase, an LCDVF 3" loupe on eBay (cost £10), I built a loupe for my C100. Not as efficiently designed as the dedicated Zacuto loupe, but it works well enough. If you can get the hoodriser cheaply enough, it might just solve your problem.
  12. Possibly, that would be a great outcome. EF lens control however is so much more understood than NX.
  13. From what I've read, that would be the 16-50 f2-2.8 then. It's really a shame that the Pentax K adapter that Samsung made for their old lenses isn't active, we could have learned a lot from it. RockyMountains Arduino unit noted above is probably the closest we've come. Like I said I think we are most likely to have success with a dumb adapter at the NX end, that controls and powers a lens externally. Trying to create an adapter to allow the NX to do it itself is most likely outwith our limited collective R and D capabilities. Edit: It also occurs to me to ask what you guys would expect (be willing) to pay for such an adapter. With such limited production numbers, the cost per adapter will be much higher than most others on the market.
  14. Probably because there is more Canon than Nikon lenses that need electronic control and a large number of the users on this forum will be most likely ex or current Canon users.
  15. Great work on the speedbooster so far, great to see so much activity in regards to continuing what Samsung abandoned. The DIY community will be our only chance of seeing an electronic mount adapter for the NX, I cant see any companies (metabones, or even some of the newer chinese ones like Zhongyi), seeing this as an economically viable product. RockyMountains work is very interesting and I've been following his youtube channel for sometime. Without wanting to be an negative nancy, I think best case scenario we could end up with something like the earlier redrock adapters, with an external control unit. I happen to know a lot of engineers, including one that works for Thales Angenieux, I'll run the concept of a hardware adapter past them next I see them and see if I can get anyone to contribute.
  16. I've been running into a few issues with my NX1 and the hack. When running the hack now, the screen quite often goes black and the SD activity LED begins to repeatedly blink. The only way to stop this is pulling the battery. Upon reboot, all settings (bit rate etc) have reverted to standard. I've successfully managed to record at a number of framerates and resolutions, at 120, 150 and 180 mb/s. This is a more recent development, I installed the mod at the weekend and its only started "crashing" in the past couple of days, theres not any triggers that could have caused this that come to mind, the cameras been mostly off this week. Also, im assuming this is part of the install process, but the files are no longer present in the root of the SD card. Additional info, the card is formatted in EXFAT and not in the camera. EDIT : I've uninstalled the mod and performed a clean installation of 5.3. I'll keep you posted as to wether the irregularities return.
  17. Edit: Disregard this post! Had a few minor teething problems, but managed to source NX-ON-WAKE and got it to work, looking forward to testing the mod and thanks for the hard work!
  18. Keep an eye on Amazon guys, the price of this has been going up and down like a yoyo and now its back up to £96. But I got an absolute bargain last night...
  19. The NX1 mounts itself as mass storage via USB at the moment, I think without some serious reworking of the internal Firmware it wouldnt be able to support a storage drive. It would have to be programmed to mount the drive, recognise it as a storage device and then be given the ability to transfer the footage from the SD to the USB, without any external software or hardware. The NX1 may not have the hardware capabilities to achieve this, even with the software, as a mass storage device, its the computer thats doing all the transferring legwork. Even then, it can charge via the USB port, but I doubt it could power a device from the port.
  20. But who would realistically make a quality adapter that also had the necessary electronic contacts? I don't see it being economically viable for metabones.
  21. Ha sorry, I confused that sentence a bit, I didn't mean it had the largest flange distance, I meant that the way the NX mount was designed, as opposed to say E-mount, was one of the NX systems largest issues. There's a few excellent lenses for the NX system and I intend to pick up a few of the primes (if I can get them for a reasonable price), both for autofocus and unlocking the wifi capabilities, but I'm reluctant to pay the money for the 16-50 and the 50-150, if I'll only ever be able to use them on the NX system.
  22. Sadly I think this may be a case of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. Samsung have shown a complete lack of interest for some time in the photographic field, phones and Galaxy devices exempt of course, and I don't see any signs of them reversing this decision. About 7 or so years ago, when I still worked in retail while at university, I saw Samsung consistently looked over in favour of other brands and I think Samsung gradually lost interest, from a business perspective as a result. It's very unfortunate that they chose to release their two best cameras, that both had a chance of selling well, at a time when they had the least faith in making a profit in that market. Silver linings though, I picked up a new NX1 in December for £700 and I'm very happy with It as a spare body. There's a great deal of potential in this camera, that now may be fully realised by new firmware from the excellent "hacking" community. The only real issue I have now is a reluctance to invest in NX lenses, due to the complete impossibility of remounting the lenses. As a matter of fact, the NX mount itself isn't that great, it's inability to take focal length reducers due to its distance from the sensor being one of the largest.
  23. Hey guys, Had a wee search and couldn't find any specific threads for this, so I thought I'd start a discussion and see what information other owners have. I'm looking for a compatible monitor for my NX1, currently I use it as a B-Cam to my C100 and fancy a larger screen for monitoring purposes. I currently own an Atomos Ninja Blade, but myself and many others seem unable to get it working with the NX1. Unfortunate as it would be nice to have a 1080P recording straight from the camera, rather than transcoding the h.265, but I use it primarily with my C100 so no major stress. I'd potentially look at something like the Ninja Assassin, I believe Andrew did some tests with it and got it working with the NX1. However I'm not in desperate need for another recorder just now, so I just wondered what monitors people are using with it in the 7 inches and under range?
  24. Cool to see so many replies, a lot of good discussion goes down on this forum Andrew, its a credit to you sir! Creatively I can think of quite a few options as well from a larger sensor. "For those who like (about) to crop (rock)!" (such a shite joke I had to cover myself), it offers a massive range of sensor sizes within one camera and with one lens. Theres a great deal of Kodak CCD sensors still available via their new owner, but a lot of them cap out at 7fps. With Fuji's improvement in video performance recently, I think they could be a good bet, but also as mentioned, Sony are potentially in the race. Who would invest in something like this from an independent company? Something along the lines of the Axiom, with a video focus. I think something in a Hassleblad-esque form factor could be really cool.
  25. There's been a lot of buzz recently with regards to the 65mm format, with its use on The Hateful 8, parts of The Revenant and I guess to a lesser extent the fantastic restoration of the 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia. Unfortunately the recently medium format Pentax was a bit of a flop video wise, but now with Fuji supposedly getting involved with their own cameras, (and their excellent pedigree in lenses for the format) could you see yourself using the format for filmmaking? Ideally for me it would have to have 4K or higher, as one of the biggest draws of the larger format is the resolution. With more sensor manufacturers creating medium format sensors, I think there's a high chance for us to see a useable solution within the next couple of years and I just wondered who would be willing to make the investment in the bodies and the glass to expand their creative options (assuming the camera was under 15k)?
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