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  1. Two stage 4x4.56 clamp on carbon fibre mattebox with one rotating filter holder and one fixed. 
    Comes with top and side flags. 144mm rear clamp but comes with 80mm, 85mm, 95mm donuts and a set of nun's knickers and a 15mm bracket.
    Only used a couple of times. Has a few scratches on top flag and side flags but nothing major.
    €350 plus shipping. Located in the EU.




  2. Thank you for your interest guys. Karlon I'm not sure which system it was edited on, I'm not part of that. Not sure about the grading system either but I think Davinci Resolve or Baselight. I used film converter on set for my dailies and for editorial. But like with a lot these big commercials, the director and I can agree upon a look, but then the client comes in and has completely different opinion on how their product should be presented...

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