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  1. And the useless metadata entry, the clock time not staying set after a week, and general lack of reliability. The raw footage does look great and the dynamic range is great, but it's a scary camera to have on set for a paid interview shoot. Just too unreliable.
  2. When the Pocket camera went on sale for $500 I bought that and then I bought the Voigtlander 17.5mm and 42.5mm f0.95 lenses and stopped using my GH2 for a few months. When I needed to shoot a concert I pulled out my GH2 (with flomotion hack) and threw on a Voigtlander lens and I was blown away. The GH2 looked amazing with those lenses and made me fall in love with the camera all over. While the Pocket is great for a lot of situations like exterior shots and RAW landscape B-Roll, the usability of that camera is garbage and now the Pocket camera just shuts off randomly. I'll put in a battery fre
  3. ​A new product was literally just released that does this. "PrimariesExporter" will allow you to export individual clips from the timeline from ProRes Proxy to ProRes 4444XD. http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/news/1591-output-batches-of-clips-from-final-cut-pro-x-storylines-with-primariesexporter This is the great thing about FCPX, it's also the great thing about the iPhone. Apple created a solid foundation that developers can build off of and create useful add-ons for the people who need them.
  4. ​ This is the case for me. I was going to school for broadcast communications and about a week after my first semester, I decided I wanted to focus on editing. A few weeks after that I got a part time job at an Apple store, and a few weeks later they released FCPX which I got for free. I've been editing with it since day one and over the past two years I've worked at a recording studio cranking out tons of videos with FCPX. A lot of these videos are multi-cam and FCPX just makes that insanely easy to use. One of the biggest struggles I face with my editing career is that everyone has hated FC
  5. ​I had the advantage of learning how to edit with FCPX being the first NLE I've ever used. I've worked at a recording studio for the past two years since I graduated college. I'm working on a few music videos right now and these aren't really issues. If you put your music in your primary storyline then everything you attach is connected to that perfect spot on the music track. You can also create secondary storylines which allow your "b-roll" to be magnetized in small groups, this is necessary if you need to use transitions, or just want to keep a group of clips together. Additionally, throwi
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