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  1. yeah, I got that.. I saw reports/ videos when researching the timecode features but I were not aware of that VFR pause anomaly and I wondered on the timeline after that, and quickly found out what's going on but it is very unexpected cause when you are an experienced videographer you try your best to supply good footage and use all the cameras optimizations for that, like the Custom profiles on the dial switch and all the stuff that makes us react fast and jump around settings without much click waisting time. It just looks this can be changed with a firmware update and what scares me that it
  2. Don't praise on that. Jam timecode that is inconsistent and goes out of sync every 40 minutes. Jammed once and never checking again and as we see turning VFR enabled modes hits pause of the timecode which makes unpredictable behaviours externally or internally timecoded. It can be useful if u use jut one profile on all of the cameras but this kills the customisation features, like the C1, C2, C3-1-2-3, profiles on the dial switch. Or after every shot whith VFR you have to go to the timecode setting and set timecode again on the current time to recorrect it. This looks like just bad implem
  3. What is MOS and why is this normal behaviour? If two cameras are shooting both of them should switch to VFR mode exactly on the same time and after that switch back exactly on the same time to profile where timecode is ticking to be in sync? I dunno what is MOS In this case, doesn't check the internal source as well. To me this looks something not thoughtfully considered. Timecode can be manually set by Current Time and from there on whatever delay happens by the PAUSE of the VFR enabled profiles (by pause I mean pause, the time code freezes when you are not shooting and counts up only w
  4. Hello guys, sharing some experience and glad to hear if this is normal or something not well thought by Panasonic. I shot a concert last Saturday and decided to use the GH5s Timecode feature (first time in my life I count on that, normally I sync to audio). So I shot mainly with Timecode "Free Run", and I had set Custom profile for 100fps VFR to easily switch across realtime shooting and slow-mo. Everything looked fine until today I realised and the produced timecode is unusable BECAUSE: Turns out, that when VFR is enabled timecode "Free Run" isn't available and it shoots in "Re
  5. You can tell without the software exposure lift, but to be easier to see I lifted it to be obvious "the power of square". Simple classic observe and conclude pointment. A is the frame, B is the raw still. The sharpness and lack of CA might be misleading. Anyway, we still wait way more to see from the camera to decide should we buy it. I am prefer to win it from a contest but we'll see ha
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