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  1. Ntblowz, here is a concept program for replacing follow focus gear and marker:
  2. Maxotics, in my opinion, filmmakers don't want anything that complicates the process.. They only want their cameras.. I am not a film maker, I am a photographer, software developer, and mechanical engineer... I teach photography, write software about photography, and can understand the internal mechanisms and limitations :) I wish I had a double major at electronic engineering :) That would have completed the set.. I am writing this programs as a hobby, as a brain exercise.. In my software developer days, I've seen even if people are very good at what they do, if they have no or very little knowledge about software and computers, they can't imagine how software could make their work done better, faster and more efficient. So, when you ask somebody "what programs do you need?", they might not know the answer.
  3. Well, probably not in the near future :) But these features can easily be integrated into the camera's firmware (Like features in Magic Lantern).. My program does not "mark" focus points.. Instead, it moves focus specified amount from current position. But I am working ona version which marks the focus spots. So, wherever your current focus is, when you click to the mark,it focuses that point. I think it is more convinient to use.. The only thing is, Panasonic communication protocol supports only two speeds, and none of them is accurate enough.. I am working on consistency issues :) When I finished, I'll put it on my server.
  4. Well, it is originally a program written in Visual Basic 6.0, 13 years ago for Casio QV3000.. That camera accepts commands from usb interface.. So it is an adaptation with so many unnecessary code. If I can tidy it up, I'll open the source.. I don't know if people would pay the software, but most probably it will be free.. :) I am a 'early retired' software developer (worked for 25 years) and photographer (another 25 years :).. Now as you may have guessed, I am teaching photography. Unfortunately there is no english version of my site. Only this page: http://www.dijitalakademi.com/camsime.asp , my camera simulator.. Scripting commands can be used in timelapses, focus pulling, focus stacking, night sky photography etc.. I'll try to make some samples and post them.. regards
  5. Well it works in windows tablet, but as the touch screen's mouse events are a bit different, you have to use mouse with the program I can port it to ipad actually :) Regards Melih
  6. Hi, When you watch the video below, you'll realize that I am not a video maker, but a programmer.. There are artifacts in the video that I couldn't get rid of.. Oh, by the way, don't play with your receiver's settings, there is no background music :) Hope you find it useful Melih
  7. It streams 640x480 pictures, but I don't think it allows more than that.
  8. I updated the program, you can download it from http://www.dijitalakademi.com/lumixcontrol.zip --the setup http://www.dijitalakademi.com/lumixcontrolexe.zip - if you previously setup the software, just replace the exe file in LumixControl folder. Don't copy the exe to desktop and try to run. It works, but when you hit "Liveview" button, it fails, because it looks for "live.bat" file (which looks for Udpserver.class files)..
  9. To see the liveview, you need to have java installed, download here : http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp Add the java bin directory to your PATH, on my computer, the bin directory is at "C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_25bin" check that the bin folder is located there, and open a command window, write: set PATH=%PATH%;"C:Program Files (x86)Javajre1.8.0_25bin" and 3 files should exist at the same place with the exe file: live.bat UDPServer.class UDPServer$1.class It is not my program, so I simply call live.bat from the program..
  10. Inazuma, When your computer is connected to the camera, could you open a browser and type this to the address bar and hit enter: what do you see on the page? If anything different than <camrply> <result>ok</result> </camrply> then the camera might be incompatible. You can download a new version from here: http://www.dijitalakademi.com/lumixcontrolexe.zip just replace this exe with the one in /program files/lumixcontro folder.. (it might be in 'program files (x86)' if you use 64 bit windows. regards, Melih
  11. Hi, Couple of months ago, a photographer (nickname lenuisible) decode the wireless communication protocol between image app on smartphone and GH3 camera http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/6703/control-your-gh3-from-a-web-browser-now-with-video-/p1. I took these, and adapted to my 13 years old remote control software (originally written in vb6 for casio qv3000). After a couple of days, the software now finds the camera, queries its capabilities, and allows user to control the camera from windows PC. It is a very simple program, you just see the commands (like focus, zoom, exposure, aperture, white balance etc...) and use them. You can also record those settings and play them back later. You can tell the program to repeat those commands. So you can make timelapses by zooming in each shot, or changing the white balance when its dark outside. For examplle you can adjust the focus between objects and then you can set the focus with one click like this: http://www.dijitalakademi.com/P1640788.MP4 You can program complex set of commands and make it replay those (or replay and repeat) I also added liveview from http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/6703/control-your-gh3-from-a-web-browser-now-with-video-/p1, thanks to lenuisible.. You should just press "Liveview" button. But you have to have java installed in your machine. From the post, "Java RE : download here : http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp Add the java bin directory to your PATH, On a windows machine, the Java bin directory should be : C:Program FilesJavajre7bin" I have a FZ1000 to test it, it works ok, but it should work with all wifi enabled LUmix cameras. So feel free to try it, and let me know how it works. Before you run the software, you should enable wifi from camera, connect the camera either a wifi network, or your pc to your camera. Program should find the camera automatically.. If program gives "no response from camera" then check wifi connection, get closer to the router, try again.. you can download and install it from http://www.dijitalakademi.com/lumixcontrol.zip Screenshot:http://1.static.img-dpreview.com/files/p/E~forums/54696040/62ebbbd324fa4551932accb5bf73f94b
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