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  1. Andrew, haven´t posted in years .. just read the headline "Important bird shot" in your most recent r5-video and rolled on the floor laughing! Great work on the whole r5 incident! *thumbsup*
  2. Ita149, Where do you have all this information from? If he had lowered the sharpness why should it be "too soft especially for downsampling"? The word "especially" makes no sense at all in that sentence. Don't post stuff you are just guessing from a camera you did not run tests with. The camera is still incredibly sharp even at VERY soft 4K settings when downsamped to HD. Compared it to C300 and an Alexa.
  3. But hasn´t Andrew just proven that it does not really count if a camera is technically 8 or 10bit if the end result is of good quality? Sure, this is not an Alexa, it´s not 4:2:2 ProRes recording and no 14bit raw video .. but it shoots damn good pictures you have to go quite far to find something similar in 10bit. With stills capability. That size. Wrote a little bit more about mixing LX100 footage with 10bit raw(log) footage here: http://hackermovies.com/panasonic-lx-100-vs-5d-mk-iii-english
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