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  1. Fantastic news! Congrats Andrew! And if Mr Chan gave you any hints when the next PL APO cine lens and what the focal length will be, I'm all ears, loving my 50!
  2. My plan is to get the Batis 25 F2 as my base lens for my A6300 and as a gimbal lens. Hopefully the autofocus is as good as I hope. Otherwise the Voigtlander Emount 10mm as an alternative stopped down for my hotel work, use my nikon mount Zeiss 100mm Makro Planar as my main portrait lens. Will consider the 85mm Batis as well because of the stabilisation and the bokeh looks buttery (could also make a great gimbal long lens!) Still building up my PL lenses from SLR magic, loving that 50! But I think for what I do now, the Batis 25mm and my Zeiss Makro Planar I could live on for a while.
  3. In terms of A7S specs, the only thing I would want besides 4K 60 and decent 120 or 240 1080 would be an in-built ND of some sort, don't know if space wise that is at all possible.
  4. @Cinegain you bought the pilotfly H1 yet? seems good and I'm keen to get one, the Ronin M looks good and could have a nice price but this is a more compact creature. Ken Asanos been building a pistol grip one he calls the S Monster for 5D etc. and has better motors http://kenasano.net/ can't understand everything but his prototype video looks impressive if a bit unwieldly.
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