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  1. After seeing these official videos from Olympus Australia, i've asked Michael Hurren some questions. Here's the answer i've got from him:

    "The video was shot in Cinema 4k, so 4096X2060 px, 24fps at 180' Shutter (48th/sec)
    There's plenty of latitude in the files, the extra dynamic range, video colour profile and especially the high bit rate means theres lots of information to work with. I like this camera a lot, files and colour look so great straight out of the camera, and I find i don't need to do much work at all as long as I have exposed for the highlights I want to keep and dial in the correct white balance.
    Post wise I edited and graded in FCPX on my Mac Pro, and used some plugins to give me curves. everything works without a hitch.
    I don't like running variable ND's because of the colour shifts and cross hatching, so I started with 4x4 Formatt Hitech plain ND's, but they were giving me a green cast, so I moved to my set of Hoya multicoated ND's and the results were much better."

    I've asked 

  2. I'm in the same boat as \f13a.

    I mainly shoot with the E-M1,almost always with SHG FT lenses and can't think shooting with something less stabilised for the type of work i'm doing.

    I have also the LX100 and tested it @1080 side by side with the E-M1 did not impressed me at all but maybe it's just me.

    Anyway, for now i'm a lot less interested to "downgrade" to the E-M5MkII.





  3. Thx Jbells! Glad you liked it!


    Thx Inazuma, next vid will be shorter. But i struggle to find a song/music that fits the emotional part. Music is my main inspiring component in doing a video, so i start from there and then i "dress" the music with images.

    I don't want to cut a song in the middle, but imagination should help in doing that. 

    Do you think 2min/2 min and half would be better?

    Thank you again!

  4. Hi Inazuma, thank you!


    Yup, same camera with mainly FourThirds lenses. 35-100F2 and 14-35F2. For this video i've used the PanaLeica 25 1.4 wide open and for the intro the ZD50F2 macro. Light was just a DIY led ring light. Always (but obviously not for the static part of the video) handheld.

    That 5 Axis ibis is simply stunning.


    No grading nor color corrections in FCPX.This is SOOC video. As a RAW stills shooter i've mistakenly leaved the camera in AutoWB, didn't notice that when the arms were in to the scene the wb changed :/ my fault.


    Anyway glad you enjoyed it and thanks for subscribe!


    I'm planning to do another video in a month but that will be a lot of planning work. Camera moving this time.


    If you have suggestions on helping me getting better please feel free to let me know!



  5. Hi everybody, i'm a newbie here and almost newbie in video, despite i'm reading A LOT about "how to's".


    As you may understand english is not my main language so, sorry if i write something wrong.


    As per title of this post, this is my first attempt in shooting video not in a studio but in a controlled environment .


    I'd like to have your opinion about it, also what i could have done better.


    I have a photography background ,so can't really going in technicalities nor codecs and whatsoever.


    Thank you anyway for watching and hope commenting.


    Here's the video


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