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  1. 16 minutes ago, Django said:

    ^I think that torch/hammer should really be passed on to Sony.. who keep recycling sensors & processors.. and still haven't gone beyond the 8-bit 100mbps 4K30p video specs introduced 5 years ago on the A7S2.

    Meanwhile, Canon have introduced 5.5K RAW & 10-bit on 1DX3 and have now leapfrogged everyone with first 8K mirrorless.

    That said, the R5 will surely have some limitations. I'm betting on no 10-bit internal. Maybe RAW.

    8K with a crop? Burst? I'll let the sensor mathematicians make those calculations!

    Well if there will be no 10bit internal it would  be very dissapointing given the massive hype

  2. Cutting Edge sensor technology? Wondering what that means? 

    What do you know Andrew? 🙂

    Because being used to the outstanding ISO 64 dynamic range, details and mojo of D850 sensor for photography my excitement depends on if R5 delivers there & if there is PRORES 10bit internally at the video side.

    I always searched for one body for high res photography and at least decent video quality, and since I prefer Nikon to Sony, the D850 was (and is) an excellent choice for its price. Canon was not even close. 

    So curious about R5 Details....

  3. Padam, yes, i am with you that feeling / image and joy of use are more important than specs. F.e. owned the first generation Sony but it wasnt the right one for me, for others it is. Now f.e.EVF is better of course than it was a few years ago. Coming from medium format film The D850 gave me that good feeling, great as a stills camera and very  nice for ocassional for video. Tried the Fuji XT 2 - great camera in many ways but for large landscape prints I prefer 47MP. I do love the colours and menus etc of Canon, but for me they dont really offer a high megapixel hybrid for Stills and 4K  Video. So i am enthusiast and not hateful for sure ?

  4. Yes padam, but not everyone needs the big video ecosystem -f.e. small / indie productions- and since Z has shortest flange distance you can adapt almost any FF / S35 lens. EOSHD is a lot about hybrid cameras for enthusiasts and semipros, right? So Nikon got very interesting in the last 2 years. By the way, professional i am more in the environment of ARRI, RED or Sony Venice- but for "private" tasks I am happy with Nikon (D850/Z6) for photography and video.

  5. Andrew wrote:

    "Higher bitrate than the Sonys and cleaner shadows, smoother to edit and better looking grain."

    One question: You convert into Prores with Edit ready before editing Nikon files, right?

    Just wondered because you wrote "smoother to edit"

  6. Hello Andrew, I am new here. Enjoying your blog, guides etc. Great work!  I am gaffer and working in film/movie business. At first I studied photography. Please let me say one thing about mirrorless / EVF / Sony A7s etc.: For fun and private projects I owned a 5D II. I sold it to get a A7s instead, especially for Video. Yes, the Sony has great IQ for Video etc. But let us be true about Electronic Viewfinders for photography, about battery life, about reliability, about colour, about the display. To look through the A7s (viewfinder) is, for Video: fine, ok. (but I expected much better focus peaking etc);  for Photography: a pain.  EVF is the future, no doubt. BUT right now, and compared to a high end optical viewfinder- It is crap. Ok its a completely different thing. Nobody points that out. Do you want to SEE with your eyes while taking photos or do you want to look into a small electric thing like your handy, like your computer? Battery Life, colour of the display: Far from good. Today I was working with a photographer, she works with 6x7 medium format.  After setting up everything and after lighting etc we do "test photos" with a digital camera like the A7s, just to get a feeling how the picture will look like (like a polaroid, ignoring the differences to film in format and depth of field etc).  A7S: Colours of the display- weird. (mixed light, white balance was set correct) Battery life- :-(   Bugs with metabones adapter:  :-(   The A7s offers some great things like its video codec etc.  But for me it feels, like many other cameras, at least for photography, more like a computer, not fully developed.  Of course great things can be done with this camera. But  i think its far from a photographers AND Cinematopgraphers tool, far from a "Purists" tool. So, my advice: try before you buy.  :-)   Best, T.

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