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  1. Does anyone know if the new MBP’s have a re-designed keyboard? https://www.techradar.com/news/first-look-macbook-pro-2018-these-macs-are-all-about-more-more-more Answering my own question, however, of course it’s far too early to say if this cures the sticking key problem.
  2. Thanks for this video, which was really helpful. It's interesting that he thinks the MPB is not competitive now. I agree with you that the Dell XPS 15 2in 1 looks awesome, and with those specs, better value than the Surface Book.
  3. Checking out YT reviews, this seems to be a common issue. Thanks for mentioning it.
  4. What issues are people having with the keyboard with the latest Mac Books? Could it be problems with the Touch Bar? I'm thinking of the surface because I like the touch screen and 2 in 1 features ie detach the keyboard and you've got a more powerful tablet than the iPad Pro. I'm shooting 4K DCI with an EM1 Mk2 so there won't be much grading unless I go back to using an external recorder
  5. Another editing thread here...sorry I’m looking for a high end laptop primarily for photography and 4k video editing. I currently use Resolve on a Windows desktop, and have previously used, and own, Final Cut Pro. I edit photos on an iPad Pro using Affinity Photo. I like the touch interface and form factor of the Microsoft Surface Book 2, but I don’t know if Resolve would edit 4k on it unless it had 4Gb VRAM. So which to go for, and what specs would you recommend? Are other any other laptops or 2 in 1’s that I should consider?
  6. I agree with Geoff Boyle, and this discussion is so timely for me as I am looking to buy a new camera, primarily for stills. I've been looking at many of the portfolios from the Magnum Photographers and what strikes me is the poor technical quality of many of their images. Many are slightly out of focus, have blown highlights, low resolution or been shot on low quality cameras. I haven't found a single mention of a camera on the Magnum Photographers web site. To them, the camera is just a tool. What counts is getting the image, capturing the moment. Creating awesome content. I've spent hours comparing tech specs, reading reviews and comments, watching YouTube videos, trying to find the best camera and the best deal. Sure, that is important, but my time would be better spent studying great photographers and their images, and learning from them. Then grabbing almost any camera and shoot as many photos as possible to improve my technique and learn to see better.
  7. Thanks @kyle and @jhnkng I guess that the OIS compensatory movements are amplified at longer focal lengths. I don’t need a long lens like the 18-135 but the Fuji OIS is sounding promising for its non IBIS bodies.
  8. That’s good news. Thanks Has anyone else got experience with this lens?
  9. I am missing IBIS with my X-T2 for hand held filming. The X-H1 is not that appealing as I think it is too big, to expensive and doesn’t offer much beyond the XT-2 specs to make the upgrade worthwhile. So I am thinking of buying the 18-55mm F/2.8-4.0 zoom to add to my Fuji primes, mainly because of it’s OIS. In general, is the OIS in this zoom, when used with the X-T2, good enough for hand held shooting? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  10. It may seem an odd suggestion at first, but have you thought about a Nikon D500? 1) Excellent dynamic range and image quality for your photos 2) Proven ruggedness, build quality and durability 3) Full compatibility with most of your lenses with no adaptor required 4) Great Nikon colours for video, but only 8 bit 4:2:0 internal with 8 bit 4:2:2 via external recorder 5) Cheapest solution for body only pricing Only downsides: 1) No IBIS 2) 4K video crop factor
  11. Probably not, but if something goes wrong, for example crashing your drone on a car roof, then questions will be asked. As I am a content creator and do write off equipment against taxes, then I am a pro. It would be legitimate to buy a drone as a hobby and start out without a licence though, but idk about insurance, or even if you need insurance at that level.
  12. These are the details for the UK drone permissions. The problem is that you have have to prove competence with an approved training company that costs well over £1000 for a three day course, so obtaining these permissions can be expensive. Of course, this is also an opportunity as it presents a barrier to entry for commercial drone work and footage.
  13. It may sound like I’m a newbie to stock footage/photos, but actually I still have a portfolio of footage which I put up onto a few agencies about ten years ago. I just want to get back into it again now as I have a bit more spare time. You are absolutely correct in not being able to predict what sells. My best selling footage is a of a hand (mine) putting coins into a piggy bank, I shot that on a Canon 550D (T2i) 8 years ago with the lighting setup, shoot and editing taking not much more than 20 minutes in total. It’s an appealing business model whereby you can have a long earnings tail from your portfolio, but I am the first to admit that it is really competitive and very hit and miss. You also need a huge number of clips to get over its randomness, I’m not considering this as a main earnings stream, but more of an add on to my client work and other earnings streams.
  14. Ha ha - good suggestion, however in the UK we need to get a commercial drone pilots licence if we use a drone for anything where you are earning money such as acquiring stock photos/footage. We have Dartmoor National Park on our doorstep and some great coastline about 1 hours drive away so it is possible to get some amazing drone footage, although there is quite a lot of that available already.
  15. XT-2’s so yes they can be used for time lapse and 8 bit 4k. South West of the Uk where there is not just nice scenery (with low commercial value) but a strong tourism industry, diverse sports and leisure activities, a strong industrial heritage, historic sites, a wide range of artisan producers and crafts, which would require model releases. Number one priority must be to concentrate on content creation with commercial value and find niches where there is minimal competition where I can exploit my geographical advantages and contacts. It sounds like the camera/gear doesn’t matter. Where have I heard that before :-)
  16. it’s a bit off topic, but I could not believe how good the photos are from the Pixel 2. In good light I was getting photos that were really close to the XT-2. Computational photography is amazing. Video quality is excellent from the Pixel 2 also.
  17. Some good discussion, here. Thanks everybody! For future proofing, if nothing else, I would definitely want to deliver 4K stock footage. This will be supplemental income (hopefully!) and I like the idea of building up a portfolio that brings in passive income. I also want to document some of the amazing places around here, so although a niche market, there is not much competition for footage which is why I want to create broadcast ready video, as long as the gear cost is reasonable. I haven’t got a problem with buying a GH5 and delving back into the Panny world. A used GH4 and 4K Atomos would cost about the same as a refurbed GH5. I like the internal 10 bit recording of the GH5 and the IBIS would be really useful.
  18. Actually, I totally agree with you. From everything I am learning about stock footage, it is important to create content that is difficult for others to produce. The world does not need yet another shot of a sunset, so the trick is to create footage that is more unique. I live in an area of great historical interest and natural beauty so it is a short drive for me to get some unique footage, that others can’t. The problem is that this is a bit niche, so I will be looking for wider content opportunities. So content is definitely king! However, like any commercial venture I am shooting footage to sell, so whereas I personally would love to shoot 1080 RAW, it would have more saleability if it was 4K. As @HockeyFan12 wisely says, I may be aiming too high to start with, which is great as I can just use my XT’s and get started. <edit>Though my thinking is that if I am investing time and effort (and money!) in acquiring the footage, then it makes sense, to me, to create as high quality footage as possible, hence my thoughts about 10 bit 4:2:2 which can be used in broadcast as well as less demanding productions</edit>
  19. Yep - long waiting list. I want to crack on with this before Christmas, but that is a great suggestion
  20. Thanks. I would rather not use an external recorder for portability, which is why the GH5 is so attractive for this. Though that Ninja V looks killer I hadn't thought about the BM Micro studio so I'll look into that too. Thanks for the suggestion.
  21. Thanks for your comment. I'm doing a lot of research into this and it seems that new footage really needs to be 4K now. I think a competitive advantage can be gained by supplying 10 bit 4:2:2 content which is broadcast safe so that it does meet broadcast standards (BBC) as well as being used for the web. There is also the thought about whether to supply just log files, slightly graded or finished graded clips, but that is another matter!
  22. Hi I am thinking about shooting stock video footage. Most of it will be outdoors, but I might extend into interior shots such as food, where I can control the lighting. My thoughts are to aim for 4K 10 bit 4:2:2 delivery so the GH5 looks ideal. I am considering either a GH4/Atomos Inferno or GH5 internal 10 bit to get started. Should I be considering something else? I currently use Fujifilm XT2's for photography but there are no 10 bit recording capabilities with these. Thanks, for your thoughts.
  23. I'm selling a Contax Planar 50mm f/1.7 at the moment. I'm based in the UK.
  24. I have seen no comparisons between the IQ of the GX8 and the EM-1 II but I bet there isn't much difference in the sensors. You can get a used GX8 for around £550 in the UK now.
  25. The Nikon D810 has auto iso in manual mode. It works really well for both video and stills if the light is changing, but you still want to fix your shutter and aperture settings. http://nikonrumors.com/2015/04/11/shooting-nikon-in-manual-mode-with-auto-iso.aspx/
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