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    Anna Possberg got a reaction from Chrad in New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro looks great, but where's the new Pocket Cinema Camera?   
    I was hoping for a 4K Pocket in m43 and got very disappointed last night. As a wildlife filmmaker I belong to the niche of the niche and I am aware that there is hardly a market for us. Still I wait for a 4K m43 that fits the pocket of an indie wildlife filmmaker. The budgets for wildlife docs are shrinking yet the costs to produce them are rising. So, although the Pocket had its downsizes it allowed me to shoot high-quality stuff until broadcasters expect nothing less than to deliver 4K mastering. 
    The much hailed Super 35 sensor is great for a lot of situations but for shooting wildlife in 4K is painful. Grant showed yesterday a sleek picture of a cameraman shooting penguins with an Ursa implying that it is also a wildlife cam. The reality is totally different as in most cases I have to keep a serious distance to my wild subject. Meaning I need all the tele I can get (and depth of field as animals like to move unpredictably). Which is fine with a m43 sensor with its crop factor. And with all the rigging the Pocket is still a camera I can carry for hours off the beaten tracks. And I can still use my arsenal of m43 lenses. The tele lenses for a Super 35 sensor are very heavy and very expensive. And mostly primes - unusable for documentaries like I do. (Yes, Canon has a fine zoom lens 50-1000 mm at only 70 000 USD).
    So for now I will wait for more footage from the GH5 - maybe it is my next camera.... 
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    Anna Possberg reacted to Oliver Daniel in New Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro looks great, but where's the new Pocket Cinema Camera?   
    I'd like to see: 
    "The New Ursa Micro"....
    - MFT Sensor. 
    - Can record in 4K, but has a "golden" 2.8k mode at up to 60fps. 
    - Tiltable and Removable Micro Video Assist (so you can put it in a convenient place on a pistol grip gimbal, or monitor from strange angles if adapted for action shots). 
    - Pro option Ursa Micro slots into an accessory which gives you audio options and a handle. 
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    Anna Possberg reacted to Eric Matyas in All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use   
    Hi everyone,
    I've decided to make all of the music on my site free for commercial use as well as noncommercial. Just please credit me properly as detailed on my homepage.
    If you decide to use one or more of my pieces, a donation would be greatly appreciated...any amount you can swing would be helpful.
    As always, thanks for your feedback and I hope you find something you can use.
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