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  1. I was hoping for a 4K Pocket in m43 and got very disappointed last night. As a wildlife filmmaker I belong to the niche of the niche and I am aware that there is hardly a market for us. Still I wait for a 4K m43 that fits the pocket of an indie wildlife filmmaker. The budgets for wildlife docs are shrinking yet the costs to produce them are rising. So, although the Pocket had its downsizes it allowed me to shoot high-quality stuff until broadcasters expect nothing less than to deliver 4K mastering. The much hailed Super 35 sensor is great for a lot of situations but for shooting wildlife
  2. Peaking and Low Light with GH4 Hi Andrew, first of all, thank you so much for your great reviews which guide me through my filming workflow. Your GH2 ebook was really supportive last year when filming in Iceland. Recently I have read your review about the GH4 (along with that of Bloom). Last week I was filming wildlife (brown bears) with my BMPC but I also had the GH4 with me for testing from Panasonic. I know you have also an ebook already for the GH4 but at this moment I have the camera only for testing the capabilities of filming wildlife in 4K. The footage I have taken with it is not ba
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