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  1. I would wait until the 2nd hand prices drops to 40/50% savings on Scarlet X and then buy one, Red One MX is so heavy and is not cheap getting it on an 3 Axis Gimbal. Or you could take a risk with one of these for 5000. 4k on a super 35 sensor
  2. Without oweing having one myself, I would suggest the you look at your shutter angel, if it is too high it will look jittery I think..
  3. Hi all, I think this thread is valuable for a guy like me.. I got a question for you. I am going to buy my first camera for music video shooting soon, and I dont know if I am going for GH4 or wait for Sony A7S as it also have slog2. I am mostly interrested in the slowmotion effect (No lip sync needed as it is intrumentals mainly). I can not figure out if there is better cameras for 1080p than gh4, is it really that bad in 1080p 60/96fps mode? If it is, then I might want to look at other cameras, hopefully you have some good advice, because I am now considering a 2nd hand Red Scarlet X, but it is sooo expensive for me atm. I must say that footage I have seen shot with GH4 4k downscaled to 1080p is freaking awesome looking, but for my needs its the slowmotion that is the most important as I live en Denmark, and there is not that many exciting looking locations, so the slowmotion would be a great way to make interesting footage I supose.
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