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  1. I totaly love Sony's Slog 3 profile set on cine 4. Since I fly and travel light allot, a7s(ii) and 6300 are my favorite cams all time. I like the skintones better on the slog3 then any pp of the GH4. But we will see if it will be GH5 or A7s3. Time will tell. (Terra is worth a consideration also)
  2. As a corporate, docu and indie filmmaker I jumped on the 5D wagon (coming from canon A1) right when the revolution started and was very happy. I loved Canon. But when it was time to come with something new Canon said pretty clear they don't want to serve us low budget filmmakers. And I listened by starting to avoid canon like the plague. There are plenty company's who offer more and for less. I now roll FS700, A7s, BMPCC. And if I had the money for C300/C500 I would go RED. Many fellow filmmakers kept using canon like 5D m3, 60D, C100, C300. But I always felt they where ripped of when I compared the spec's and image from my sony and BMC. Canon will never be it for me again.
  3. Haha, amazing but true. Visite my neighbors overseas is on my list so this is my time I guess
  4. In the site I get from this link it's just €2360 from Panamoz it's €1780. So wonder if it's a country based directing link or the price has chanced since you write here that it's similar. ? To bad I don't know anyone there. But I will think very hard this evening.
  5. Yeah me to. I am so close. Wanted to buy it today at Panamoz untill I found out it couldn't be shipped. Would have saved me €700,-. And it isn't even available here. Netherlands has such a f***ed up duty policy. Ordered stuff from redrock from the US a few years ago. Within 10 days it was near my house but stayed 6 weeks in customs and cost me 32% extra. It's expensive to be Dutch :) (and love camera's)
  6. Great, improved Proress quality, hope the softness problems are gone. I'm still on a project with the PMPCC's. Saturday the last of 10 days shooting. To keep the image consistant and saving myself trouble i'm updating after that day. Can't wait for it. Wanted to sell it when the project is done but I think I keep an hold on it.
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