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  1. Well I just had a great experience at Panasonic in Newark regarding my issue with the micro hdmi. The head engineer contacted me regarding this issue. They actively monitor sites like this for customer problems and reached out to me. Nice right? Anyway, it seems the connector port on my two bodies were VERY tight. At first He had to push pretty forcefully to initiate contact. Now that its been in once, it goes in easily... Just the way one should expect it to. I had a number of my colleagues try it as well as sales people at BH . No one wanted to apply the amount of pressure needed to ma
  2. I have the same problem with the two GH4 cameras that I own. The weird thing is that I bought one direct from panasonics website and the other from BHphoto store a week later. I just discovered it last week as we were prepping for a shoot. I went to BH and tried a number of different manufacturers. None worked. We had a 3rd GH4 on our shoot that the cable fit. Must be a manufacture flaw. Heading to BH for return.
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