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  1. FU SONY! You cannot buy these Playmemories camera applications unless you are living in specific countries/regions. This service is only available in the "big" countries like US, GBritain, Germany, etc. And is really difficult to overcome this restriction (actually you have to commit fraud). And the ways I spotted in many forums, now are not available anymore (Sony is to blame for this). I think this is outrageous.
  2. for cropped e-mount, the two best in video right now are sony a6000 and sony a5100. These cost (body only) approximatelly the same price as the metabones adapter. If someone wants to spend this amount, why not buying one of Sony's full frame cameras instead? The sensor size will make a difference (maybe more than having an f/1.2 transforming into 0.9 apperture).
  3. Hi there, nice to see the difference. I was thinking of buying this application. It seems that this "Silky" profile delivers a more flat image. Have you tried colour grading the samples to see in practise the difference using this "Silky" flat image? Does it hold better? Second question: Also, have you tried actually grading in camera and getting good results? Although doing it in post is always safer...I wander if it can deliver decent results. Thank you.
  4. damn...these tests in vimeo are sexy! So...if I shoot a girl with the a6000 she will become like this? This camera is great!
  5. Great colour grading in the Bowling video that Eyesoul submitted. Also, the Canon lenses seem to perform quite well. Glenn Thomas quite good work although I am not into this kind of music. I don't mind the underexposed scenes. It is a "dark" video anyway :-) However, why you went with 50fps instead of 25?
  6. many people claim that is 4:2:0 in some posts (here, in dpreview and in other forums). However no-one posted attached any proofs. So these posts could be personal speculations of each guy. On the other hand, if it was 4:2:2, we would have definatelly hear about it as it would have create such a huge buzz. So, no enthousiasm about this in the forums I think equals to 4:2:0.
  7. Regarding profiles: I found these two old posts in eoshd for Nex 5N which I think continue to be valid also for the a6000: http://www.eoshd.com/content/3878/nex-5n-easter-egg-found-to-increase-video-quality and http://www.eoshd.com/content/3995/optimising-the-sony-nex-5n-for-cinematic-video These two profiles, portrait and sunset with manual white balance can give very nice results also in the a6000. I tend to play also with custom colour filters from in-camera (this setting is together with custom white balance). Using a normal colour filter in front of the lens would be nicer but honestly...I don't see much a difference. Yellow is my favorite colour filter. Question regarding your colour grading workflow: Do you see a lot of differences in colour grading when transcoding to DNxHD or ProRes? Can you give me an example of image colour differences when colour grading directly on the MTS files (Sony Vegas, Magix Video Pro, or other editing platforms) versus colour grading the transcoded footage? Not necessary from footage from a6000.
  8. I agree that GX7 may be better only for video (and the menus of course), but the fact that a6000 is cheaper, and is greater for stills, made me go for Sony. The majority of the amateurs looking at the hybrid, do continue to care about the raw stills. There, the sensor size gives advantage to the a6000. Personally I am 40-60 between video and stills. So, for me the a6000 with its AF is a winner. And although you may find it unacceptable, I also use AF for video with great results. no focus hunting! (unless you half-press the shutter button). It's great for documentary/run&shoot purposes! I just hope that Sony will support us enough with firmware updates to not let this camera devaluate fast.
  9. To Matt James Smith I respect your opinion. And I was one of the many that was ready to buy d5300. And although we try to create art (some of us do succeed, some of us don't), we cannot avoid that in practise, technology restrictions may prevent you from creating art. It is not painting. You are inter-connected with a box of technology. If this box does not help you in practise... It is what you weight more on the road towards art. Image quality? Ergonomics? Content? I tend to weight more the last two. Because Image quality is pretty close (they share the same sensor). But ergonomics...sony is way ahead unfortunatelly. P.S> I own also a nikon d5100 so I've tested the ergonomics for quite a long.
  10. Kwsta, was it in 04:50 a fast panning? cause I can see the image breaking in this point in my PC at least. With what lens? Also it was 60p or 50p as you say in the youtube description? I am sure that in 24/25p the image will be much better (without the slow motion though).
  11. This sample is for grading as requested with trees. Please let me know if you want some other settings: 10 o"clock in the morning with full bright sun Portrait mode: -3, -3, -3 24 fps (24 Mbps bitrate) 1080p white balance: 5000K without any colour filter Shutter: 1/50 Apperture: f/5.6 ISO: auto (but it must be near the basic) DR Level: Level 2 (it increases DR but can introduce some noise in night shooting). Exposure metering: center weighted (and not wide, thats why there are highlights burned at the edges of the screen) Lens: SEL 50mm f/1.8 OSS Steadyshot: ON I had the following filters on the lens: - CPL polarized filter (but forgot !!! to turn it based on the reflections - I had my mind somewhere else) - ND X2 - ND X4 It was too bright (South Europe) so I preferred to have more filters on the lens and keep ISO in auto mode (easy solution). ok, here we are: dropbox link Since I am learning now how to grade, if you manage to grade it as you like, please tell me also the workflow you used: e.g. transcode to specific codec? what you used to grading? what effects? (Saturation, Gamma, Red curves, etc.) Thank you.
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