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  1. Wow, I can't believe that's a T2i in seeing that Kendy used. That is ready for the big screen. I now realize 4k doesn't matter as long as you light the scenes appropriately and have great talented actors delivering the goods. It took 20 years for almost everyone to afford a computer for their homes. And the key word being "almost". With that being said I know I'm not buying a 4k tv anytime soon and theaters don't benefit from upgrading their screens cause Hollywood keeps all the revenue from the ticket sales because of their greed. The theater only makes money from popcorn and other concession stand items. So I don't see them spending their profit for it and Hollywood damn sure will not buy the screens for the theaters. 2k it will remain for our entire life time. Take a look at my new feature film Trailer I shot on Canon Dslr's
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