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  1. Uploading my first video from FCPX to Vimeo seems much, much better than Compressor 3. I had some real bad problems with, I don't know the correct terminology, it's like a pulsating pixelated squares running through the top of the screen of the video. I don't see any of this problem after uploading to Vimeo using the Vimeo share option in FCPX.
  2. I saw that, but does it work for an hour and a half long video with 20 different takes? I haven't tried it yet. I got FCPX a week and a half ago and so far love it although I can't seem to find the sharpening filter, looks like it's in Motion, any suggestions? As we all know the 5D3 needs some help in this dept. I used to sharpen with the custom settings in Compressor 3, looks like I don't need Compressor with the sharing options in FCPX..... or do I? I'm coming from FCP6.
  3. Yes, I've seen many how to do lighting videos. I was making a little joke. There are times though, where it would be nice to capture the natural light, I'm by no means an expert in lighting, and I think the guys who do the lighting are worth their weight in gold. I shot this Monday ..... I would have preferred to do it when the sun went down, but it is what it is. Heavy Religious symbology almost to the point of freaking me out! The guitarist Michael Chapdelaine is editing the audio and video as we speak over a hundred different takes. I shall post this video when he finishes, if you
  4. Thanks for the kind words! I really liked your song! You have a world class rock voice, and the song was an earworm, well crafted! Two piece band just guitar and drums whoa, sounds edgy in a refreshing way. Any music videos? I played drums since the 5th grade...... even though I play guitar, I liked playing drums in rock bands, you don't have to think about all those complicated chord changes..... ha ha!..... but I digress. I love a good rock song, all my friends (clients) are either classical, flamenco, or jazz guys..... and I dislike jazz the most, jazz is just rock and roll wit
  5. Not settled, I may very well buy a GH4, it seems it would complement the 5D3 well. I'm waiting to see what the Sony has to offer....... I'm a low light fanatic, because I hate setting up lights.
  6. Ha ha! I'm just old school I guess. The most remarkable footage I've ever seen has come from the 5D either RAW or not. Perhaps I was seduced by content while watching I don't know, but, I think it's because the elite cream of the crop have used it and it's been the king of the hill despite the obvious problems. I know you have the GH4 and while I joked a little about your video being to sharp i thought it was very impressive. For landscapes, and open panoramic shots it is superb, alas my interest is in close ups of faces in low light situations, blown out back grounds, and a more rich
  7. Crapping all over, chump, troll, bull in a camera shop.... remind me of the old dictum "In the house of a hanged man, one never mentions the word rope"
  8. If you and a couple of others would quit harassing me, I would enjoy it here.....
  9. Like I said, bugger off mate!
  10. Matt, seriously why don't you stalk someone else..... this is getting old!
  11. In low light! Can you read?
  12. I liked him too! I would almost buy one from him.... ha ha! I also liked his honesty about the low light performance compared to the 5D3. While the two other guys were talking like fine tuned politicians, the Panasonic rep. kinda stopped them, and came out and said it in plain English........ it's not as good as the 5d3. Very informative hour and half for both the plus and negatives.
  13. I joined this forum because it said EOSHD being I have a 5D3 I was interested. Since I joined the forum I rarely see a thread about the 5D3 or any Canon. If there is a thread it's usually about how outdated it is, how Canon won't respond to customers etc. I do notice endless threads about the GH4, in fact just about every other one. So being an open minded person, albeit somewhat tired of the Canon bashing. I decided to take a serious look at the GH4, I'm not into the 4k right now but perhaps as things progress with my new computer, I will move in that direction, so this leaves me to
  14. You asked for comments, so that was my comment. If I have a point it would be there are other cameras out there to consider than what being hyped here. BTW, I watched that video last week, I almost posted it as well.
  15. I accidentally it post before I finished. I meant to say it doesn't have a lot of problems, but some work arounds
  16. Thanks Somnag, I forgot about that one! I came very close to buying the 2.5k instead of my 5D3, back in October. Today I have something to do, I'll watch some footage of these. If memory serves, I liked the image of the blackmagic. I'm glad I waited because the 2.5K it seems had a lot of problems
  17. I have a question concerning the audio XLR interface unit you purchase separately. I had an XH-A1 with two XLR's....... in 8 years I think I used them twice. The XLR's in camera strike me as somewhat outdated technology these days, I've always used external recorders, because at least the Canon XH-A1's had such low quality recording capabilities I think like 8 bit or something that even with XLR's it forced me to look for a better device. Do people still used XLR's in their cameras? Perhaps if you are just doing interviews? For $2000.00 you can buy some pretty good portable audio inter
  18. Spec sheets are boring to me, and I have to admit I don't like reading manuals. I find I learn much more by apprenticing myself to a master, or to someone whom I look up to and respect. In this way I seek knowledge about my particular craft. I am in the market for an additional camera because I'm tired of shooting live music on one camera and trying to make it look like it was shot with three cameras, there is a constant and annoying problem of sinking the audio and video with moving fingers, I don't do Milli-Vanilli. I have learned a lot here, when I am not busy responding to you and
  19. I sorry you had to defend yourself, I didn't mean for you to work so hard! I see so many rather pointless videos on Vimeo of cameras on sliders with guys playing with the follow focus etc. and I wonder what's the point? To show off their new camera? Perhaps a calling card to potential clients? Just got Final Cut X with all those lovely video effects...... I know just how tempting it can be to double click to load the effect..... but I can't bring myself to do it. There was an interesting video I saw on youtube of a guy who saved a whale caught in fishing net, filmed on a cheap ca
  20. What's the point of such forum if you can't criticize a camera.... who knows after all this discussion I might end up buying a GH4, and download Andrew Ried's Shooter guide.
  21. I think Andrew likes me here so he can have someone to kick around. I'm shocked he hasn't pressed the "yer fired" button.
  22. I noticed in at about 1:15. 00 into the video the Panasonic rep said that many people thought the footage was too sharp using a Panny lens ..... I don't recall which one. I also saw the Panasonic rep say K4 won't hit the mainstream for another 4 years. Also after a lot of double talk the Panny rep admitted the GH4 doesn't preform as well as the 5D3 in low light contrary to what "the British Film maker " Anderw Reis suggest.
  23. I had a look at your Vimeo site How creative a blue mask! Perhaps some day you could provide us with a tutorial on how you achieved these remarkable results. I just want to apologize to you, for any wrong doing on my part, and tell you I have never seen video more beautiful than yours.
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