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  1. at an equivalent f-stop of F4, do you think this would be a sharper, less distorted lens than the Panny 7-14 f4? In my experience, at equal F-stops, most of these higher end zooms are as sharp or sharper than some primes touted as being "super sharp". Pretty much all Canon L primes are no notable sharpness over the Canon 24-70 when all at f2.8. I've been looking for a wide lens for my GH4 for my steadicam work. I use the 12-35 right now which works great at 1080/60p but at 4k I wish it was a bit wider than the 28.8mm look i get from it. Also, how are the other SLR magic lenses compared to Rokinon lenses (14, 24, 35) Canon 50mm 1.4, Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC and Panny 12-35.
  2. Something to do with this review seems like BS, Because from Andrews review we see that the GH4's DR is much better than the 5d3... and these Graph in that linked review ways the GH4 has the lowest.
  3. Thanks for doing this. Slog is looking impressive for sure. I'm really glad you did the 5d3 h264 as well as RAW. This makes me want to get an a7s once the Shogun comes out. Do you think the DR of the GH4 will go up even further with the 422 10bit in 4k? What settings were you using for the GH4? were the levels range 16-235?
  4. I dont' know how much i trust this test... I have a 5d3 and have shot Cinestyle and the GH4 easily has a stop or 2 better for video than the 5d3 in h264 video.
  5. Ah, ok.. I just watched it. Looks great. nice and sharp. How long does the battery last on this thing? I wish the low light on my GH4 was better, but I'm usually at 200-400iso for my shoots anyways so Its rare that I'm in need of a low light monster like this.
  6. Is this a 720p vimeo upload? The grading looks awesome, but the detail is kind of mushy full screen (17inch laptop).
  7. Exactly. I'm talking about internal codecs with no external hassle at this point. 5d3 IQ on h264 is crap compared to gh4. Raw for 5d3 is great but a huge pain in the ass for workflow. I don't know why people are so concerned with "low light" performance... Even on my 5d3 I can't remember shooting over 800iso.
  8. Are you sure it's out of focus? Or just Canon 5d3 soft? After comparing gh4 to 5d3 footage... The 5d3 always looks "out of focus".
  9. Although the video i only at 720 on vimeo, this 1080p 96fps slo-mo on the GH4 still doesn't look as soft as the 5d3 internal 1080p footage. When you do your next test, please do 5d3 internal recording codec as well as the RAW, not only are we comparing visual quality and "cinematic look". but we should be considering work flow and turn around time. I have a 5d3 with RAW hack that can record continuous at 24p and its super sharp.. but I can't use it on almost anything when it comes to justifying the extra work involved to actually use it(Space, workflow, extra cards, etc). So most of my work I have to use the internal codec which looks terrible compared to the RAW and just looks sad compared to the GH4 4k footage. RAW on 5d3 is a great innovation, don't get me wrong, but for the people that have to run and gun, or have fast turn around time... its really hard to justify using it. My main shooting is Steadicam work for a full day of Run and gun, Full Frame on the 5d3 is Hell most of the time too(luckly most of it is out doors and i can stop down), The internal codec almost never looks good when "everything" is in focus, Its more like "everything is soft" compared to the FS700 i'm matching up with. /rant Looking forward to the rest of your reviews and firmware 1.0 stuff. :-)
  10. That link goes to a share-able folder but its empty at the time of this post.
  11. I just watched this video on my 55" Samsumg 1080p television from my couch, I can't really see any noise and the gh4/5d3. The GH3 looks bad though. I watched some of the other videos as well and the GH4 looks like cinema quality sharpness and stuff on the TV. I'm excited.
  12. In the words of Philip Bloom. "Let's get this straight, quad HD isn't 4k. (Talking about bmcc)" but it applies here too. A7s does a full frame UHD video, not DCI 4k like the gh4... Unless I missed something in the spec sheet. And you are looking at the A7s + atomos for $4k to get any sort of 4k ability. And $2k for gh4 with internal 4k. Anyways... The copy.com link that doesn't work is this "https://www.copy.com/browse/copy/GH4" that's your URL link. You need to get the "share" link for the folder containing the files and post that.
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