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  1. Thanks for all of your work, Andrew, and for providing such valuable info (yes, I clicked the donate button). I watched the low light comparison video and said "I was afraid of that. It doesn't look as good at 6400 as a full frame sensor." Then I had to stop myself. "What am I saying? Of course it doesn't have as little noise as a full frame sensor at 6400. Duh! But when exactly was the last time I shot anything above 1600 iso?" Try never - and I've been in the business 30+ years. When I look at everything the GH4 has to offer compared to other cameras, I think it may be the best al
  2. Bravo Andrew. In two days you've created literally the most valuable posts in the world about the GH4! Nothing thus far has compared to the level of real world information you've supplied. Thank you. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing footage with less expensive lenses. Also, I'm sure the whole world wants to see some low light comparisons with the 5D markIII and Blackmagic. Keep the great info coming! I don't think it's hyperbole to say you are doing a service for our profession.
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