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  1. 8 bit camera has no appropriate foundation to put all other fancy features in it; It wont benefit from them much.
  2. I don't get it, how can a camera with an 8 bit video image still be in demand?
  3. I love this camera, but I don't like the colorist work here at all. At the beginning the colors are too vivid and there is a feel of color tint to the image. Overall the look is too creamy to my eyes, though it might be because of the lens used and "organic" location. And why is there always a painted face in the camera test footages?=) I hope one day I get this camera
  4. ​Exactly! Good storage managing skills and some HDD investment will do the trick. If not, we can do a simple roundtripping. It is hard only when dslr workflow applied. CinemaDNG is easy and fundamental.
  5. To me 5d3's raw format beats all gh4's prized features (4k, price, 96fps, lightweightness) The look which you can pull out of the raw footage is priceless, imho. But when you doesn't need raw then of course gh4 is a winner
  6. That was my first thought when I saw this porsche shot. For many commercial projects, though there is a demand for bright image with vivid colors (not so extreme/rough like in my example, of cause). @jonpais: just experimenting with this technique http://juanmelara.com.au/the-summer-blockbuster-colour-grading-tutorial/
  7. Thanks Andrew for your review and samples! I'm now seriously thinking of getting gh4. I wanted to ask were the samples you provided shot with the flattest image sittings possible? My take on grading:
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