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  1. Andrew, this is great news! You know, you should start a fundraiser so we can gift Panasonic for how they look out for the independent film-maker at this price point. I think if every GH4 owner would give a bit ($20 or less) we could give them a nice big check to so them our appreciation. :) So set it up, and I'll be the first to donate!
  2. Cine V -5,-5,-1,-5,+1. Master Pedestal +15. That +1 will keep people from looking like pumpkins ;) . The -1 on noise reduction will take a little edge off the sharpness. I know the master pedestal has been the source for the noise in Cine D, but someone on one of the many forums I surf mentioned settings close to these and they worked great.
  3. You light within the dynamic range of your medium. I think lots of people get lighting confused with exposure. They are related only by lux/lumens. Just because you can get the proper exposure doesn't mean your talent will look their best or the mood is right. This where the differentiation between documentary and creative filmmaking are most evident: Documentary captures what is there in an accurate manner to represent truth. Creative throws truth out the window to immerse in the fantasy. Do you think the film emulsion of Citizen Kane had fifteen stops? I don't know either ;), but they s
  4. You can also use synchro scan to dial in the exact shutter speed so that the lights stop flickering. I use it a lot and it works quite well. You can see the effect in real-time in the viewfinder or LCD monitor.
  5. Just like the previous post from Ben said. Do you have any idea how much time was spent developing your product? If you feel it's unethical to differentiate products solely based on software, then that means you feel that software has no value. Software is intellectual property that breathes life into the silicon your camera is made up of. Also look at it this way, do you have any idea how expensive it would be to bring a product to market without the substantial leveraging of previous hardware? The price of the F55 was set at is based off of the quantity of F5 units they hope to sell so
  6. Being a software engineer myself, I can without a doubt guarantee that the engineer that did this, his boss and the janitor that cleaned their cubicle ALL lost their job today. Period.
  7. Have you seen the ISO 12,800 video? That stuff looks smooth as glass, even with YouTube compression artifacts! Looks better than my Canon 60D ISO 400!
  8. As someone who aspires to make indie films, the biggest headache (an sometimes cost) is lighting a scene. This is what makes the A7s ISO range very appealing. However, Sony is truly schizophrenic in their camera strategy (lense mounts et al), so I am not so keen to jump on their ship. Maybe not as bad as Black Magic, but bad enough for me to shy away. If I move from the Canon price gouging and sputtering of features, I will land firmly in Panasonics camp.
  9. That was my next question Andrew, thanks for answering it as I thought that might be a reason after looking at the files a few more times.
  10. The GH4 looks a full stop underexposed compared to the same shots of the 5DMIII and the GH3. Am I missing something?
  11. I'm not hating on Andrew if that is the case. His site is probably run out of his own pocket, and he barely makes a pence using Ad revenue. We all know he's not bluffing having the beautiful Cookes hooked up to the GH4, so if we click like mad until he post the second article, good for him!! :D
  12. Something tells me Andrew might have gotten a phone call from someone urging him to wait on final firmware...
  13. I guess posting part 2 was an April Fool's joke too :D !! Andrew, were dying ova here! Dying I say!! If I can just see some 10-bit 1080p at ISO 6400 before I take my last breath, it would have all been worth it...
  14. Okay Panasonic, I hereby officially request that you TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY!!! And since I don't have to spend $2K on the brick, I'll take 2 GH4s, thank you very much!! A 4K, two camera setup is in my very near future!
  15. You guys have to see this video!! Remember to turn on close captioning...
  16. You took the words right outta my mouth! I have been doing a fair amount of video work with my Canon 60D, but as I gravitate more toward indie film making (but don't want to lose out on the photo gigs on the side), the Panasonic GH4 has me pricing my Canon kit for sale on ebay as we speak! The moment I see 10-bit 4;2:2 to an external recorder over HDMI is the day my Canon kit is going bye bye!
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