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  1. Download this and print it out on white paper. Tape the sheet on all 4 sides flat to a wall or door. Make sure the sheet & tripod are leveled (I used a big square ruler if that helps). Line up the bottom of your view finder to the black boxes on the sheet and adjust until the lens looks about leveled. When testing my recent build I discovered not only was my glass misaligned by 2° but the front element wasn't flush with the step. In so many words I could see that my image was very soft & the focus was slightly shifted. So I took it apart and clean, greased, recalibrated everything. Now the image is razor sharp and clean. Need any help I can walk you thru it.
  2. Tito I'm not sure if you owned a 35mm/16mm Hypergonar HiFi 2, but using a digital caliper I'm getting a read of 81mm maybe 82mm if I push it. Can anyone confirm the 16mm Hypergonar HiFi 2 has a 81mm or 82mm front thread ? I've been looking at a few CU's, but 72mm shows a lot vignetting.. Here's a quick screen grab from my last calibration tests using a BMPCC (couldn't upload full res, it's compressed)
  3. I had it on a dolly pushing in/out to find the correct focal point, min was 7' or so. Turns out the front element was slightly shifted and needed to be realigned. This lens is rockin now ! Any idea how old this lens is ? I've looked into diopters and actually have a few laying around from the 35mm adapter days. In the past I used century optics achromatic lenses, but I remember they weren't cheap. I might try a few cheap macros off of amazon for testing, not unless you have any recommendations ?
  4. Thank you for the reply ! You know I thought this could be the case, because I've been at it for 15 hours + trying to figure this out. I have already taking the lens apart to re-grease & clean, in perfect shape now. With both lenses focused properly, on my focusing chart I can only get the N & S or the E & W lines in focus. After reading a few post I see this is normal with anamorphic lenses due to the shape of the glass... I'm using a spherical B&W focusing chart, any chance you know where I can find an anamorphic focusing chart ?
  5. iwander_lust Try using leveled tripod. Next find a horizontal object like a table to set the lens level, remember nothing is perfectly flat/leveled. This method will get you close enough. I'd also make sure your lens is connected flush up against the adapter.
  6. Hello, New to the anamorphic game, have some questions. Few pics of the Hypergonar HiFi2 on a 7D (BMPCC next up). So far the results have been very nice and love the flares, but we noticed this lens is a bit soft. We've tried adding 1", 2", 3" of space between the camera lens and anamorphic lens hoping to find the "focal point"... didn't notice any difference. Moving on, Stopping down at F5.6 - F11 has increased the sharpness, but not by much. I'm curious if anyone else has a quick fix or has played with the inner glass orientation ? Any info. is good info. :)
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