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  1. The million dollar question... I'm a GH2/GH4 user and contemplating getting this lens. I already have the 12-35 but feel like I really need something in that 85mm equivilent range. The DOF and low light capability of this lens is a huge plus, but the cost is not! I do a Iot of interviews and I think this lens will give the interviews a look the 12-35 just cant match (as much as I love that lens). I know there are other options out there like the 45mm f1.8 (but no IS), and the 75mm f1.8 (too long). Anyone had any experience with this lens?
  2. I'm not sure about buying the extra weights - I hire the 2000 often and it comes with a bunch of weights. Not sure if they are part of the original kit or not. I dont think they are as there are LOTS of them. My solution is a combination of weights and a LED panel light on the hotshoe. The 1000's weight specs definitley can handle a GH3/4 and judging from my experince with the 2000 I think the 1000 would be a better experience. Would be keen to here if anyone has actually used a 1000 though.
  3. Interesting. I'm a GH2 user and use the Glidecam 2000. I have to add all sorts of weights and lights to my gh2 to make it heavy enough to work with this. I thought the Glidecam 1000 would have been a better fit and I'm looking at getting one.
  4. Thanks! I'm assuming that you can email completed forms to a designated email address?
  5. Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience using any model release apps for the iphone? Keen to get away from the old paper-based system. I've come across a few on the App store but not sure which is best. Looking for something where the legal text can be customised and is quick and easy to use. Would be keen to hear what people are using out there!
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