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  1. Hi everyone, I have asked this question on a few photo forums but haven't got any great responses so I thought I might have better luck asking you smart folk. At my work I we have an extensive video and photo library. I'm basically the sole manager and user of the video library but our photo library is huge and used by many people in my office. The photos are used for our website, print material etc. We get all of our talent to sign a media consent form. On that form they give us permission to use their image for marketing purposes for up to 5 years. While it is very rare that we'll use a photo that long, it could possibly happen if it was buried deep on our website. Does anyone have any smart solutions for being notified about when a photos license expires so we can check where it has been used and get it taken down? I was hoping something like Adobe Bridge would have some sort of metadata field for license expiry and after performing a search of a date range it would show photos that have expired but no such luck. Keen to hear your solutions!
  2. I have both marumi and light craft. Marumi is terrible. Light craft ok. Next time I won't be so cheap!
  3. Dial is fine. Definitely scratches damn it.
  4. Good question. I can't imagine what caused it. Another possibility is that it isn't scratches but condensation on inside of glass (last week I shot in an extremely humid environment and camera became very wet with condensation) maybe that's it. Hard to tell really but whatever it is it's super annoying
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible/economical to replace the glass in the evf of the gh4 ? Despite carefully cleaning mine I have I bunch of scratches on it and it's very hard to shoot with now as everything looks foggy.
  6. I think I read somewhere that one reason the a7s is so good in low light is because the sensor has larger pixels. This also means less megapixels overall so not highly rated for photos(if you think megapixels matter). I'm a m43 shooter so my question is could this technology be adopted to say the gh5? Give it less and larger pixels to give it better low light performance? Or am I wrong?
  7. The general theme I am picking up is to export a 25p master first and then convert to 25i. I'm still not sure why this would give different results than exporting straight from a 25p timeline though.
  8. Yes I agree, I need a calibrated TV to view before sending to network, however I'm still not sure where it all went wrong. Fuzzynormal -Absolutely certain that the it was edited in a 25p timeline. Not sure why your method above would result in a different look from editing in 25p then exporting using compressor settings to 25i.
  9. Yes, the 96fps were for slow mo, 50fps for slightly slower motion, and 25fps for The interviews. All look odd
  10. No smooth motion option was turned on on TV. Like I said, all other commercials were fine
  11. Thank you. Just to clarify, only some shots were 96fps, rest were 50fps and 25fps, all mixed in a 25p timeline.
  12. I think I did just that. Export master 25p, into Compressor. But exported 25i as requested. Are you saying 50i is the way to go? PSF is a term I haven't heard before but sounds like just what I am looking for.
  13. It's not online yet, just TV. Looks fine on computer and I imagine will look fine on YouTube etc (although I would upload the progressive version).
  14. Hi everyone. I know this forum is more for cameras/lenses etc but this question is more aimed at preparing footage for broadcast, although I do have a GH4 related question below... Just produced my first TV commercial and saw it on air for the first time today. Bit of a shock as it looked completely different than how it looked on my computer. I'm not talking about the color, Im talking about the motion. The motion looked overly smooth, it was like watching the Hobbit in 48fps for the first time - just odd. The ad was filmed on a Lumix GH4, at 4K, 1080 and 96fps, with the shutter speed set to double whatever the frame rate was. Edited in a 1080 25p timeline, exported as a 1080 25i (top first) ProRes as requested by the network. From what i can gather this is a standard workflow so I'm not sure why the motion looks so smooth. The surrounding commercials looked like the normal, familiar motion that we are all used to. Any ideas? Is it the GH4 just not matching the high end cameras that filmed the other ads? Although they must use similar settings and workflow so surely motion would be the same? Have I done something wrong with the interlacing? Maybe I should be filming at a higher shutter rate? Any tips on your broadcast workflow would be great.
  15. Hi everyone, Just in the process of editing my first TVC advertising spot. I have just got the specs sent to me and they make sense but i do have one question. I need to submit as "1920x1080 PAL 50i upper/top field dominant". Ad was filmed on GH4 in 96, 50 and 4K 25fps. Have edited in FCPX in a 4K, 25p timeline. I figure I'll just send to compressor and export out as a 1080 interlaced clip like is required but I started thinking, is this the best way for highest quality? Should I have just made a 1080i timeline from the beginning? Any tips would be appreciated.
  16. Solved. Tried my old 16GB SDHC card instead of my new 64GB SDXC card. Not sure why it didn't work on that card.
  17. I kind of feel stupid asking but is anyone else having trouble installing the new firmware on the GH4? I have done firmware updates many times with GH2 and GH3 so I like to think I know what I am doing (yes, I have checked battery, formatted, copied to top level of SD card etc etc) but hitting play doesnt bring up the usual firmware screen - it just says no valid picture... I also tried to update my lens firmware through the GH4 the other day. Same problem. Had to update them through the GH4 which worked fine. Any ideas?
  18. Great comparison on paper. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.
  19. Yes I'm aware various settings that cause differences in AF functionality but I still stand by my testing and expeience that the video AF on the GH4 is considerably slower than the GH2.
  20. Ok ended up getting the Nocticron and I'm glad I did. Such an amazing lens!
  21. I hope this is true. Cine D is terrible for colours.
  22. I have both marumi and light craft vari nd's. Couldnt shoot without them but sometimes results are mixed.
  23. Yep me too. Upgraded from a gh2 and the gh4's auto focus is MUCH slower than gh2. So much so that I can't even use it. Very disappointed but luckily there is peaking for manual focus. Really hope they can fix in firmware.
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