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  1. 64mulford, when you say add weights, did you have to buy additional weights from Glidecam to work with the HD2000, or did you come up with a DIY solution?
  2. Hey folks, so I did a search of the forums looking for a topic that discussed the question I'm asking, but didn't come up with anything conclusive, other than that many purchasers of the Glidecam HD 1000 regretted their purchase and wished they had bought the 2000. I'm trying to decide what the best option is for my GH3––I currently shoot with the 14mm f2.5, and would like to use a Glidecam. I'd also want to use my Rode Video Mic and heavier lenses possibly in the future. Does anyone here with GH3/Glidecam experience have any pointers? Which Glidecam is best for the GH3 with accessories? Would the HD 2000 work with just the GH3 body/battery/SD card if I wasn't doing a shoot that required my Rode mic? Thanks a bunch––this forum seems cool!
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