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  1. My last video camera used full size VCR tapes. I am a still shooter just starting to explore video. My D200 is showing its age (no video) and I am ready for an updated system.
  2. With the great reviews and this price point, the G85 looks like a good starting point for a beginner. If I purchase this camera is there anything I will have to un-learn when I move to a different camera? Shooting techniques? Workflow? Post production?
  3. I appreciate the suggestions. I shoot a D200 (no video) which needs upgrading. I would like to start using video. I am not against changing systems/brands. This is a practical question. I watch many YouTube videos that look great, are well lit, and have clear sound. These are 1080 videos and I would be glad if mine matched this quality. My audience will be watching on an iPad. I am not a cinema person, so what may have been the camera of choice for many on this forum in 2013 or 2014 is probably still more than I need.
  4. What if there were no 4K available in cameras today? Would you still recommend an A7something, GH4, NX-1, based on their other features? I like some of the high FPS slow motion coming out on new cameras, but not enough to be the sole buying point. I need to record video for work - A few talking heads, how-to steps, finished product, QA testing, etc. It will never be at a theatre near you. I do not need 4K, just clear quality and pleasant colors. Used models are also fine. Staying at 1080, what camera system would you recommend based on quality, features, workflow, codecs, etc. ?
  5. If the A7rii uses the 1.5 crop mode to record 4K video, then compared to the Samsung NX1, which uses all of the APS-c sensor, then: Then a lens, used on both, of a given focal length (adapted or native) would yield the same angle of viewsame DOFBoth would use roughly the same number of pixels which are then down sampled to the 4K file.The 42MP is not used in video, only stills? Is this correct? Or have I missed the boat entirely? Thanks
  6. Aren't the A7RII crop and the NX-1 native the same? I would expect very similar output from the two.
  7. I am a stills shooter. I use cameras for documenting work, not as a pro photo/videographer. I am looking for an updated system to replace my older DSLR. Frankly I am confused about much of the video part of the equation - codecs, workflow, settings. I was leaning toward the Samsung NX-1, but fear it may be too much (both technically and expense if the wrong fit) right now. As I will buy something else when I find the right system camera, the FZ1000 may be a excellent camera to learn with. And use as a second camera later. Anyone have thoughts?
  8. No, this isn't a GH4 replacement, but it may be close enough to get me started in a confusing market. Today I am a still shooter that would like to dip a toe into the video waters. At this point, I can't justify replacing my current stills system or carrying a second system. This could be an excellent learning camera - I have a lot of ideas, but no experience in capturing or processing video. Unless initial hands-on reviews point to a serious shortcoming, I'm ready to pull the trigger.
  9. It's apparent that everyone here knows more than I about 4K. But I find it very interesting. I hope that when people start working with the camera and workflow, that someone will be kind enough to put this in crayon for the rest of us. Thanks.
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