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  1. ASPECT RATIO/CROP GUIDES PLEASE! That's gotta be a super easy feature to implement.
  2. All that is known is 1. One individual has a new firmware on their camera (there are many buying Mark III's at the moment who aren't getting it), and 2. It doesn't allow roll-back. Additionally, since it references TWO unheard of firmware versions (1.3.0 AND 1.3.3), I'm inclined to think this individual might have received a developer test unit somehow. Based on that data, I would've gone with the title "New 5d Mark III Firmware?" instead of your impulsive "Canon blocking Magic Lantern." ​Just a tip if you'd like to be more objective and avoid jumping to conclusions - a prerequisite of being c
  3. Don't be a troll, Andrew. What's Canon suppose to do, notify ML and let them know they have a new firmware coming out, and then wait until they have a compatible version?
  4. Yup, I got the same exact problem shooting a music video. I was in S-Log and at 32,000 ISO. I haven't been able to determine any settings that avoid this issue. This is really disappointing/frustrating. I'm going to have to mask and fix each frame.
  5. I'm pretty sure the two holes at the base of the attachment are so you can screw in 15mm rails.
  6. Clarification. Is the 2.3x crop present in ALL 4k recording (both 3840x2160 and 4096 x 2160) or just in Cinema 4k (4096x2160)?
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