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  1. That's actually the way I've been leaning but if I'm honest with myself, I still won't carry it with me everywhere I go like my phone.
  2. How that the CM1 seems like a video dud can someone recommend a 4k phone for video with add-on lenses available? Now that I'm back in NYC I am constantly discovering things to shoot and want to make sure have the best phone since I don't like always having to carry a camera. Also, would a 4k phone need a telephoto lens or would zooming in (finishing in 1080) during post or using the digital zoom when filming work just as good?
  3. Andrew, I really want 4k video in a phone. Do you have any other recommendations? Like you, I held off on an iphone 6+ waiting for this one but your review convinced me to bag that idea.
  4. I'm a happy iphone user but it's time to upgrade my phone and I'm looking for the one with the best video capabilities. Any thoughts on these two or others?
  5. Wow, you have me sold but...what do you think about an Apple answer? They haven't updated their monitor since Sept. 2011 and are way, way overdue. I imagine it's because they're working on a 4K move.
  6. Yesterday I bought an Olympus M1!! Somebody please tell me why I shouldn't be really annoyed with myself right now.
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