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  1. Hi thanks for that I'll check this lens. On my way back home I may have found beginning of a solution, I guess the ND filter doesn't HAVE to be in the end of the chain just before the camera (as it ment to be on Holymanta website http://www.holymanta.com). So what if I put it in the middle between taking and anamorphic lens? As it is EF mount on one side and MFT on the other I was thinking I can use M42 -> EF adaptor on Kowa anamorphic side and MFT -> M42 on the other. As M42 is screw mount I would be able to fix it (with extra thin adapters to adapt the diameter if necessary) rear end of Kowa anamorphic on one side and front end of taking lens using the available threads on them! Doing so it will end my problem of EF mount for the taking lens and open a whole world of choices of lenses as I will be back to MFT mount for the taking lens. Am I thinking right? Best. Vins.
  2. Hi everybody, Looking for some advices! I'm lost looking for the perfect lens that would come between my Rectilux/Kowa 8z combo on one side and Holymanta ND filter(I'm planning to buy shortly)/GH3 on the other side. My expectations listed below from most important to less important: - Filmlike Image quality (with contrats I don't like so much old school low contrast look) - Widest focal length possible without vignetting (as far as I know 35 mm on MFT with Kowa 8z, but if possibility to do wider I'll take it) - Brightest possible (f.2 maximum of the maximum) - Compacity and low weight - Manual Aperture - Low chromatic distortion - Declick Aperture - Solidity and weather seal - Circular Aperture (I ask too much I know…) Budget up to +/- 1000 usd if I really find the perfect lens that suits. I have in mind some but they have their drawbacks: - Samyang 35mm T1,5 VDSLR AS UMC II: this one covers a lot of my expectations but it's so big, when adding Kowa/Rectilux/Holymanta/Gh3 I guess it would something like 35 cm long wow!!! - Canon FD lenses: problem to make them work with the EF mount of the Holymanta ND with an adaptor - SLR magic 35mm: mount compatibility problem with Holymanta EF mount So as you can see I'm stucked with EF mount on the Holymanta ND filter, that's my main problem I guess as it would be much more easy to find something suitable with MFT mount but I really need le Holymanta ND filter because of fast operation and always ready advantage. I shoot alone so this is a must for me. Also one question: is a speedbooster or equivalent which is magnifying would make a 35 mm lens to vignette with the Kowa, I have some big difficulties to understand optic theories... Thanks in advance, best regards. Vins.
  3. ​ ​​Hi, mine is ordered in Black (that's just the computer model display). Actuall view of the real product is not available because we, first buyers, are in the first batch and this will start to be buiIt after 25 persons ordered (one bus). But for being in the ordering list is just 50 GBP then 1/2 of the total payment when production will actually start and the rest just before shipping when product is fully built and available. This is to most of us a little strange way to proceed and I think that John's communication is not tangible enough your absolutly right; most people would need to see actual product and actual footage and tests before putting so much money. But anyway I decided to trust and go on with this one as it's seems a more accomplished product than FM lens, especially for non Schneider cinelux users. As per the name and look, you guys have strange thoughts... By the way "Rectilux on 3FFW, 25mm stroke 0.6 to INF" according to John. And, correct me if I'm wrong John, but the moving part is only the top part, not the middle one so putting gear shouldn't be a problem at all. cheers. Vincent.
  4. Hi, I'm new to anamorphic (and video shooting in general). I made some research but couldn't find a way to stabilize anamorphic footages. Premiere Warp not working, Loack&Load working but the result is unusable. Is stabilization a downside of anamorphic shooting? Thanks.
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