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  1. When it all comes down to it, there will be only a couple of factors that matter: 1. who makes their sensor? This matters for -color science, -actual dynamic range, -IR handling, to name a few. 2. WHAT SONG IS THAT ON THE INTRO VIDEO??????
  2. I just shot my A7sII at 120FPS out to the Shogun via HDMI and the resulting files on the Shogun list as 1080p 120FPS. They also appear to be high dreams rate so you go figure. I'll try to slow them down and verify.
  3. New V-Log LUTs available now from AriColour! This includes all further updates and tweaks! https://sellfy.com/p/3Jmc/
  4. Andrew, is there any updates or tweaks to the color profiles? I am rep'ing your guide hard core on the FB GH4 forums, and I'm being asked about your C1,C2,and C3 settings I refer to in my posts... I tell them to get your guide, but is there any further refinement or development that will be happening with them? Thanks!
  5. Andrew, does the Canon EF line (along with the Metabones Speedbooster) present a better lens array for GH4 owners, vs the Nikon mount? I've been told the Nikon lens options are plenty and also very affordable for GH4 owners. What's your opinion?
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