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  1. Yes, when and where will this rig be available?
  2. Yes, its a great time to be a filmmaker! I love the innovation coming from independent camera manufacturers like Blackmagic, Kinefinity, and (soon, hopefully) Digital Bolex. Hopefully Ikonoskop gets its ducks in a row and releases maybe a cheaper version of their A-cam as well.
  3. First, yes, the new Mac Pro will be able to support 12 cores. Its one of the biggest selling points of the new Mac Pro releasing this month. http://www.apple.com/mac-pro/ Second, not sure about Avid. Third, chaufferdevan is completely right. There hasn't been a peep from Blackmagic in recent times about the new BMCC4k. Hopefully this is Blackmagic learning their lesson and they're going to surprise everyone with the shipment and availability of their next camera. However, I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully it arrives sooner than later though! Good luck with your upgrade! I too am not completely computer savvy, so I hope that someone more knowledgeable than I stops by this thread soon.
  4. This is exactly what I've been wondering since I read about the new speed booster. Does anyone have a definitive answer for this question?
  5. Hey there Shane, my name is Arthur and I used to live in Los Angeles. I now reside in Ontario, but would be willing to drive out to LA this week to conduct those tests if you'd cover my gas. I have the proper card for raw capture if you want to go that route as well. Let me know! I'm excited to see what may come out of these tests.
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