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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to andy lee in Getting a new lens: Canon 24-105mm vs. Sigma 24-105mm   
    that review is based on taking stills not cinematography -
    The Canon is a great work horse and Ive had over 25 pop videos on MTV shot with the Canon 24- 105
    it works and does the job
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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to Giulio Cosmo Calisse in Adobe Camera Raw to process GH4 4K video (tutorial)   
    Not sure if anyone is using this process at all, but now Photoshop allows you to use the amazing Camera Raw to color correct footage!!
    Awesome features include: white balance tuning extreme shadow & highlight recovery hue, saturation & lightness control for any color Powerful sharpening &  noise reduction color aberration removal & lens fringing removal lens distortion correction  

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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to AaronChicago in GH4 With/Without Black Pro Mist Filter   
    For anyone interested in seeing a comparison of 4K with/without a Pro Mist filter check it out.

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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony A7S specs announced - S for sensitivity. 4K via HDMI to "third party recorder"   
    Many in same boat as you, simply edit in 4K and deliver as 2K. Many benefits to it.
    Difference is a click of a button and that is it.
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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH4 4K Production Diary - Day 2 - Test Footage   
    Magenta or green?... can't be both tints at same time!
    I am not seeing what you're seeing in the files to be honest. How is this image 'a bit disappointing' for $1699. Have you not been taking your happy pills or something!?
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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic GH4 4K Production Diary - Day 2 - Test Footage   
    No, not the flattest possible. I left CineLikeD on default contrast settings (middle 0, not -5).
    I generally prefer not to have too flat an image in an 8bit codec, because you have to push it further in post. That usually results in more banding and more break-up.
    I have just downloaded some Alexa ProRes from Arri's FTP server. Anyone want a go at grading that against the GH4 ProRes?
    First I recommend you downsample the GH4's ProRes LT from 4K to 2K and convert to 444.
    These files LT files are here - https://www.copy.com/s/EoeMcoA2T9L4
    Then download the 2K Arri ProRes and compare.
    Unfortunately the Arri material is mega boring shot wise... just some old dude playing a xylophone!
    But colourists might enjoy the experiment. The GH4's 4K H.264 makes for a very weighty 2K ProRes image for grading, me thinks.
    Arri FTP details are here: http://www.arri.com/camera/digital_cameras/learn/alexa_sample_footage/
    Server:        ftp-footage.arri.de
    User:           ALEXA
    Password:  samplefootage
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    Paolo Artuffo reacted to HurtinMinorKey in POLL: What editing software do you use?   
    I use this too. I grew up with SoundForge and ACID for audio, so Vegas was the first editor i used. 
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