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  1. The only additional tax in the US would be sales tax, which varies from state to state, most are around 5% to 8% or so. But most people will be buying the GH4 online, and you generally only pay sales tax on online purchases if the store is in the same state as you.
  2. Keep in mind that the GH4 is about $1k cheaper than a 5D3. With that some of that money you could grab a HyperDeck and some SSDs, and be getting 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p, in an immediately-editable format, with near-unlimited record time, and still have all the other advantages of the GH over the 5D (flip screen, zebras/peaking/etc, better lens adaptibility, AF with native lenses, great battery life, etc).
  3. The G6 probably won't handle high motion as well as the GH3 due to its lower bitrate. I would wait a couple months till the GH4 is readily available and people start dumping their GH3s to upgrade, the used GH3 price shoul drop a bit.
  4. The GH4's sensor is standard m4/3 size, not s35, and all of its video modes are 16:9 save for Its C4K mode, which has a slight additional crop and is a slightly wider aspect ratio (1.85 I believe).
  5. Not from what I've read- the 30-minute limit just has to do with where you buy the camera. If you buy an EU model it will have the 30-min limit, all others will not. All the cams from anywhere can switch between NTSC to PAL. So EU people who need unlimited record will have to import a cam from the US or somewhere else.
  6. Yea... much cheaper than the Atomos, albeit without a built-in monitor, but a good option for those who are happy to use the camera's screen, or already have a monitor they're happy with. I just wish the Hyperdeck could do >30fps for 10-bit 4:2:2. Perhaps a new (but still affordable) model will be unveiled at NAB, or if we're lucky, a firmware update.
  7. There's a SpeedBooster for Minolta lenses, too, you know.
  8. Expressing the increase in brightness via F-stops ("turns your lens into a f0.74!!!!") is what's so confusing for people, because people tend to think of DOF in terms of F-stops. I think people have a better grasp of differences in DOF if they are expressed via sensor sizes: Exactly. For FOV and DOF, think of the Speedbooster as attaching to and modifying the camera, not the lenses. Meaning, think of your camera as now having a larger sensor (exactly how much larger depending on which SB model you're mounting to it). For exposure (brightness of image), think of the Speedbooster as giving your camera a "free" improvement in ISO (meaning a brighter image but with no additional noise/grain). So you think of any given ISO on your camera as one stop (or 1&1/3 or 1&2/3 stops, for these new SB's) brighter, but with the same noise. So, if I have a Pocket, and get the new Pocket-specific Speedbooster, I will think of it as turning my sensor into a 1.74x crop/slightly-smaller-than-Canon-APSC/slightly-larger-than-GH2 size, and making the ISO performance 1&2/3 stops better.
  9. Amazing! Hopefully they eventually do a Minolta MC/MD version.
  10. Consumers probably won't even be considering the GH4, as it will be part of the Panasonic pro/prosumer line, not the consumer line. Most of them won't even know of its existence because it won't be at the normal consumer outlets- Best Buy, etc. But the true successor to the GH3, the GH5 or whatever they call it, will be, and it certainly will have 4K, but probably just at 8-bit 4:2:0. And of course at a high consumer price point, say $1400-1500.
  11. I don't see how a GH4 could do 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 at only 200mb/s. ProRes 1080P 4:2:2 is 220mb/s... and intraframe of course, but it's still only a quarter of 4K's resolution. It seems like 4K would have to have a ridiculously long GOP to fit into 200mb/s at 10bit/4:2:2, which would make motion look weird. Personally I would greatly prefer to have an excellent all-i 1080p with lots of detail and color info and frame rates, than an uber-compressed 4K. Hopefully the cam will at least give us both.
  12. I too am awaiting the GH3 user's guide! New camera announcements and theories are great and all, I follow them as much as anyone else, but I want help with using a camera that's available right now. Please finish up that GH3 guide!
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